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  1. C

    Fish tank and loads of extras for sale

    Hi, I’m selling my horizon 182L tank with lots of extras: Fluval 307 Filter Platties Ottos Corys LED light Thermometer Gravel, Plants Drift wood Snails All for £250 - quick sale. Let me know if you’re interested. Based in Leeds (LS16)
  2. Robbo85

    Golden Barbs Felixstowe East Suffolk

    looking to possibly sell or trade   Golden Barbs Age and condition: 2-3 years old good condition Quantity for sale: 3 Reason for Sale: changing to SA only set up Delivery or Collection: collection only Sales price: £3 for all 3 Willing to Ship :No Postage & Packaging Price:n/a General Location ...
  3. three-fingers

    Hemianthus Umbrosum - Easy Carpet Plant £5 Posted Or Swap Offers

    This is a lovely fast growing plant that can be used as a carpet or pruned into a bush.  I currently have it growing well in both my high-light tank with DIY CO2 as well as my low-light coldwater tank, seems to be very versatile!   Plants: Hemianthus umbrosum Quantity: A large portion, 3x+ what...
  4. three-fingers

    Round Pellia, Huge Portion, Sale Or Swap

    Plants: Round Pellia, Lomariopsis lineata Quantity:  A very large portion, more than you would need for a nano tank!  Will add pic. Delivery or collection: Either. Sales price: £10 posted, but will happily accept plant swap offers instead as I currently cant accept paypal. Postage and packaging...
  5. RossC

    Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Subscription £40 Inc P+P 12 Months

    Title: Practical Fishkeeping Magazine Subscription for a Year Quantity for sale: 12 Months, 1 copy per month Delivery or Collection: Delivery Sales price: £40 for whole year including P+P Postage & Packaging: Free Location: Walsall, UK / Post to anywhere in UK Photograph: (this is the cover of...
  6. SamB

    Juwel Rio 180 For Sale (Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire)

    Equipment: Juwel Rio 180 fish tank (Stock tank, stock 200 watt heater, stock bioflow filter, stock eccoflow 600 l/h pump, stock lights no stand)  Quantity for sale: 1 Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: 100 Pounds Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire...
  7. Verminator89

    Hagen Glo 2X24W T5Ho Light Unit

    Equipment make/model/size: Hagen GLO 2x24W T5HO Light Unit Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Unused, sat collecting dust in the garage. Delivery or Collection: Collection only, willing to deliver for cost of fuel within reason (ie excluding scotland/ireland ect) Sales price: £40 Postage &...
  8. Verminator89

    Hagen Glo 2X39W T5Ho Light Unit

    Equipment make/model/size: Hagen GLO 2x39W T5HO Light Unit Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: Require a lot less light for the fish i keep now. Delivery or Collection: Collection only, willing to deliver for cost of fuel within reason (ie excluding scotland/ireland ect) Sales price: £50...
  9. D

    Feather Fin Catfish (Upsidedown Catfish)

    Quantity for sale: 1 Reason for Sale: bought a large fish tank which came with a load of fish! not really a fish i wanted to keep in my aquarium. Size: Approx 6inch Delivery or Collection: collection only Sales price: £10 Willing to Ship (Yes or No): no Postage & Packaging Price: N/A Location...
  10. LicianDragon

    Where To Buy Freshwater Live Copepods?

    I'm trying to get a culture of freshwater copepods going for my fish but I can't seem to find any site that sells them live, they're all marine! I've not had very much luck finding them outside either, though it might just be to early in the season.   Anyone know of a site that sells LIVE...
  11. RossC

    Free: Lovely Guppy Fry - West Midlands

    Livestock: Guppy Fry Age and condition: 1-4 Weeks Quantity for sale: Approx 20 in total Reason for Sale: Surplus Delivery or Collection: Collection only, cannot post sorry Sales price:Free to good home Postage & Packaging: N/A Location: Brownhills, Walsall, West Midlands, WS8 7NH Photographs: ...
  12. RossC

    2Ft Tank, Full Setup Available, West Midlands

    Clearseal 2ft Aquarium, Stand and Equipment Also Available Age and condition: Less that a year Quantity for sale: Tank, Stand, Filter, Heater Reason for Sale: Need money and space Delivery or Collection: Collection only please Sales price: £30 for tank, £25 for stand, £10 each for filter and...
  13. three-fingers

    Fluval E 300W Digital Heater, Delivery Or Edinburgh Collection

    This is a great heater. Very accurate, with a digital thermostat as opposed to the traditional bi-metallic strip design used in nearly all other heaters, this means it's accuracy doesn't decline over the years as the bi-metallic strip very slowly degrades.  The other two benefits of this...
  14. Verminator89

    Port Acara For Sale

    Livestock: Port Acara Age and condition: Adult (wild caught) beautiful finnage/colouration/behaviour Quantity for sale: 2 (both 5-6") Reason for Sale: Clearing Stock Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: £20 for the pair Postage & Packaging: N/A Photograph: See below I have a group...
  15. E

    Fluval Roma 125L Tank, Cupboard, Fish And Accessories Also Fluval Flor

    Equipment make/model/size: Fluval Roma 125l also Fluval Flora Quantity for sale: 1 of each Reason for Sale: lack of space Delivery or Collection: collection  Sales price: Sensible offers Postage & Packaging: n/a  Location: Lincoln Photograph: not had chance yet   I have taken the decision to...
  16. Aqua Marine

    Bundle Of Riccia

    Plants: Riccia Quantity for sale: Over-stocked Quantity Delivery or Collection: Both Sales price: £3.50 Postage & Packaging: £0.50 Location: Peterborough, Cambridgeshire Photograph: I am also more than happy to swap other plants for this Riccia. If anyone has any Weeping Moss...