1. J

    Unsafe Stand?

    Hi all! Purchased a used stand on craigslist. Know very little about its history (even less about carpentry) and I'm wondering if it's safe to carry a glass 55 gallon tank. The stand seems to be an odd mixture of over- and under-engineering. I'll put pictures in the first reply. I'm...
  2. Sege

    Brown Stringy Stuff on Filter Intake

    Hi. I'm still new to the aquarium hobby and I recently bought a bottle of Tetra Safe Start hoping it would help startup the nitrogen cycle before I add any fish to my 10 gallon. Today is the fifth day since adding Safe Start, an I'm noticing that there is light brown stringy material attached to...
  3. G

    Banjo Catfish With Neons Tetra And A Betta. Safe Or Not ?

    I have a 30 gallon with 10 neon tetras and a betta. I'm thinking about adding a banjo catfish to this tank, but I'm not sure if they banjo would eat the neons or betta. Is it safe to keep a banjo catfish with neons and a betta ?
  4. L

    Silicone Help For Fish Tank Needed

    I rescued a fish tank not too long ago, the side is cracked and I've decided to replace the entire side seeing that I don't think putting another glass over it will help in the long run (the crack take up almost half of the side before spreading out to small minor cracks). I bought GE Silicone...
  5. starlitsunrise

    How To Make Rocks Safe

    Hello,  I was just wondering what methods you guys use to make any rocks you may find outside safe for aquarium use? I have read you can boil them or bake them but I just wanted more opinions :).    Thanks!