1. K

    For free to a good home - Opaline Gourami

    Hi guys im under 1 year in the Fish game, i have matured my tank nicely but now have realised that due to my eager stocking of fish, i have housed my opaline gourami with Rams and there not getting on great, but i can live with that its more to do with my little guys CPD and Tetras, who...
  2. Tttay89

    My friend accidentally had his filter AND heater off for two weeks!!! HELP

    Right... My friend is getting rid of his fish and tank and moved It into his kitchen two weeks ago. I assumed he filled it up again when he moved it down...however... I went there yesterday to rehome some of his fish. And I was shocked to see it only half full with no water pumping through the...
  3. T

    Rehoming convicts and pleco

    Got 15/16 convict cichlids, 3 of them are albino,a few fry, and 1 common pleco looking to rehome as not around enough for cichlids anymore, if can be taken all together then that would be perfect as a few have paired up and convicts mate for life, I’m located in west London
  4. T

    20cm common Pleco free to good home

    My mother lives in South Yorkshire and she has had a Pleco for about 5 years. He has outgrown his tank and he really needs a new home with a bit more space. I'm be a expert, but he seems healthy and a beautiful creature. I would be very grateful if somebody is able to take him.
  5. F

    Moving House - All of my beautiful angelfish must go ASAP to expert homes before 6th August 2017!!!!

    Hi everyone, It breaks my heart to write this, but all of my angelfish that I have been nurturing as a hobby for around 6 years must go as I am moving house. In total I have 3 breeding pairs, two of which still have their children with them, and quite a few single adults. They are all in...
  6. leah2296

    To Rehome Or Not To Rehome.

    I think I am in favour of rehoming but I need advice.   Many cichlids in my tank are 6-10 years old. One of the babies grew up into a big, mean nasty fish and he now rules the tank. He is gorgeous (the photos don't do him justice) but he is absolutely ruthless. He plucked out the eye of another...
  7. SmokedPaprika

    Rhaegar Checking In!

    Afternoon, all!  My name is Rhaegar - I believe my new Mum's told you all about me, but unfortunately she's been having a tough time at work and hasn't had much chance to update you for a while, so I figured I'd take care of that myself.     No pictures to show you, unfortunately; you'll have to...