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red cherry shrimp

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  1. danajs

    Raising KH?

    How can I raise my KH to a more suitable level for RCS? My tank is currently reading; - 2KH - 8GH - 6.5/7.0pH RCS are currently living with Amano Shrimp and a Nerite Snail (who seem to be absolutely fine) and I seem to be finding one or two dead every/every other day. Tank has been running...
  2. Tacocat

    Extremely active RCS

    Hi there, I have a 5 gallon tank with a betta, 4 rasboras, and a cardinal tetra(yes ik not greatest stocking but right now there's not much I can do about it (parents etc.)) Anyway, I also have 3 assassin snails, 2 red cherries and 3 tiger shrimp. At the moment,t one of the RCS are hiding...
  3. BrandoBn29

    How can I start a colony of cherry shrimp?

    Hi guys!, I’m looking to start a cherry shrimp colony with my bn plecos. What can I do to increase breeding and get the best results. The tank is 40 gallons and I have 10 -14 cherry shrimp with some java moss.
  4. Circus

    Ammonia Spike/Cycle Crash

    I woke up today to the filter on my 15 gallon shrimp and otocinclus tank not working, and about 20 of my red cherry shrimp dead or dying. I immediately removed all of the dead shrimp I could find and did two 80% water changes (dosing with prime) and added media from another filter to this one. I...
  5. Circus

    Little Worms?

    Can you guys give me some advice on what these little worm things are? These pics are from my 15 column with cherry shrimp and oto catfish, I had guppy fish in there but moved the last one out about 10 days ago. I noticed these little worms in the substrate and on the almond leaves I have in the...
  6. N

    Will my tank be overstocked?

    Hello! I am brand new to the hobby and am currently in the process of cycling my planted tank. My tank is 6.3 gallons (29 L). Due to the small tank size I am worried about overstocking! So my question is, would the following be overstocking my tank? 5 x Chilli Rasbora 4 x Celestial Pearl...
  7. Ingrid

    Betta and shrimps ?

    Can you keep red cherry shrimp and betta fish together?
  8. Vengified

    What is my shrimp doing? Is he/she ok?

    So, I've had a red cherry shrimp for a little over a month now. It molted after the first 3 days, and again 3.5 weeks later, after moving to itw new tank. Normally very active, and still somewhat active, but has started a behavior that it wasn't displaying previously. I'm not sure if it is male...
  9. RichieTL

    Blue Coral Platy taste for Red Cheer Shrimp

    I have three platies. Male yellow coral, female sunsset and what I thought was female (is acting more male now) blue coral. After reading I understood that adult red cherry shrimps were ok to cohabit so purchased 6 and also 2 ramshorn snails. The adult snails have own tank and only put small...
  10. A

    New To Forums

    Hi everyone! I am new to the forums :) I have one tank with 3 adult guppies and 4-5 cherry shrimp and another tank with around 25 guppy fry and some cherry shrimp :) reading those forums has been helpful in the past so I thought I'd join in to annoy everyone with questions in the future hehe!
  11. ray311

    Rcs Breeding With Hob?

    Ok, due to insufficient water flow in my 29g planted shrimp tank (film on everything, no movement in plants) i did away with air pump and installed a fluval ac 70. i swapped out bio stones about 20% from estabished tank and added part of the sponge from the sponge filter as a pre-filter on the...
  12. B

    Red Cherry Shrimp Sale

    Does anyone have or know of any Red Cherry Shrimp for sale?   Ive had a new tank 80l setup for 3months with a trio of betta splendorus in. I WANT SHRIMP. so bad   Does anyone have any shrimp for sale. Id prefer hi qual red cherrys but id be interested in nice bumblebees or anything new =)  ...
  13. Elrohirthehasty

    Compatability: Amano And Red Cherry Shrimp

    Hi all,  I've been away from the forums for a long time, so it's nice to be back.  I'll be to the point tho:   I've just converted my 10g tank to an invert tank.  I have some serpae tetras and some other random fish in there before and two amano shrimp that were quite happy.  I took out all the...
  14. eaglesaquarium

    Red Cherry Shrimp Sources In Us?

    Hi folks,   I'm ready to take the plunge into inverts this summer.  I am looking for a source for red cherry shrimp in the US.  Does anyone have a recommendation - looking for good price and most of all - live, healthy shrimp arriving, not a box of dead ones.