1. C

    Help me stock my tank!

    Hey! I’ve got a heavily planted 15 gallon tank which currently has 4 guppies, 3 amano shrimp and two snails. What else should I put in there? I’ve been looking at small schooling fish like chilli rasboras and maybe a female Betta? Any ideas?
  2. K

    possibly gravid brilliant rasbora?

    Found this plump brilliant rasbora this morning and wondering if it's gravid, bloated, or possibly something else? It is breathing more rapidly than others, has red spots, and occasionally hangs out towards the top of the tank. Otherwise, it seems to be swimming fine; albeit more slowly than...
  3. Woodlol

    Series of Questions!

    Questions regarding my two tanks, my 10 gallon and 30 gallon. I pictured my 30 gallon... I'm working on both. Sorry it's a lot! 1) Can cory cats and oto cats live together? I have two young panda corys and an old bronze cory cat in my 10 gallon, the old cory is kind of a fat bully who muscles...
  4. ember04

    Wild Betta for my tank

    Hi all I’ve got a 7.5 gallon 26 litre tank. It is run on a modified canister filter with a baffle for low flow. The tank is black water and is heavily planted. As far as stocking after keep domesticated Betta for a while the wild Betta species are really interesting to me. I also want to keep a...
  5. Tacocat

    Shiny rasbora?

    I have a pair(2 of same species, both female[I think]) of Boraras Malactus(pretty sure they are), in my 5 gal. Lately I noticed that in the mornings one of them becomes shiny. You can see it's eyes, gills and tail are shiny, while in these cases the other rasbora's gills are the only parts...
  6. Kat1053

    Rasbora or danio?

    Hi everyone! I’m kind of new to fish keeping I currently have a male betta fish and a zebra snail in a 5 gallon tank and I’m in the process of cycling a 10 gallon but I can’t decide wether to get galaxy rasboras or maybe zebra danios, the filter I have for the 10gal has a bit of a current and my...
  7. Pugsnstuf

    Underrated rasbora and barbs that I found

    Rasbora Kobonensis Rasbora aurotaenia, Asoka barb, big spot barb. Look then up if you can. Some have solid information.
  8. M

    Harlequin Rasbora False Spawn?

    I have a 29 gallon well planted tank with 10 Harlequin Rasboras(2 males, 8 females) and Otocinclus. Every morning since I first put the fish in the tank, I see males and females exhibiting obvious spawning behavior on the underside of the leaves in my "ludwigia forest". However, I'm never able...
  9. N

    Will my tank be overstocked?

    Hello! I am brand new to the hobby and am currently in the process of cycling my planted tank. My tank is 6.3 gallons (29 L). Due to the small tank size I am worried about overstocking! So my question is, would the following be overstocking my tank? 5 x Chilli Rasbora 4 x Celestial Pearl...
  10. S

    New Nano Tank

    Hello again, I have been cycling a nano tank for about a month and I am getting ready to stock my tank. I planted my plants, and just need a final fish to balance it all out. I was thinking of filling my 6.8 Gal tank with some cherry shrimp, blueberry shrimp, and some Mosquito Rasbora, but from...
  11. Jan Cavalieri

    Zebra is not welcome to come to school!!!

    I have a serial killer zebra danio (normally a peaceful species) that killed his "brothers" AND a much loved Gourami. His punishment? Life in prison with a school of Harlequin Rasboras He keeps trying to join them, but as soon as he does they switch directions. At first I thought it was...
  12. Annemarie

    29 gallon stocking

    Hi! After a long wait I’ve finally convinced all those I live with to allow me to keep a larger tank. It’s goimg to be a 29 long and I was going to take a look at filters later depending on how the stocking idea proceeds. I’ll have smooth pebble substrate for the loach (mentioned later) and I...
  13. A

    Dwarf Rasbora in a ten gallon?

    Hey, can anyone tell me how many dwarf/pygmy Rasbora I can put in a ten gallon? Considering on average most are .75inches full grown with a few reaching an 1inch I was thinking about 10-12. Six I believe is the minimum and the bigger the school the more comfortable they are, so I want the max...
  14. Hyr

    Okay! Final Stocking! Any errors?

    Hi, I know I've asked this question a lot of times, but I think I have finally decided on a stocking. If there are any errors, please tell me. Dimensions: 36in x 16in x 12in or a 30 gallon tank. pH: 7.3 Hardness: 3.0dkH BUT I will have an aquascape with Seiryu stone which is notorious for...
  15. C

    Sick Rasbora

    Hi, Yesterday I noticed some white spots on my rasbora fish. I am not sure what is this or how to treat it. Do you know what this can be? Thanks, Yenny
  16. D

    Stocking for Fluval Edge 46L

    Hello... I'm new to the forum and also petty new to fish-keeping. I've had a tank before (a biOrb Flow 15 which wasn't what I thought it would be so it's being sold now) but in the research stages of getting a new tank. I love the look of the Fluval Edge 46L (12G) tank but read that it's not...
  17. W

    Will My Harlequin Be Lonely?

    I am in the process of establishing a 55gal community tank. I am completing the cycle and plan to bring in a school of cardinal tetra and some dwarf rainbowfish and cories. My friend who is getting out of the hobby is giving me one female irian rainbow fish and one harlequin rasbora, both older...
  18. AquaPit

    Behaviour Of Galaxy Rasboras

    Hi Everyone! I would like to know how these beautiful species behave.. How they do in a community tank? Are they fin nippers? Do they eat shrimps?? Fyi, I would love for them to mix with Cherry Shrimps! If... it is possible! :p Any of your experience with them would be greatly appreciated! Tks!
  19. J

    Rasbora Eggs

    I em watching the way my rasbora are acting and think they may span.Which would be great I know they lay under leaves, but can anyone tell me what to watch for, how big are the eggs and will there be lots. If it happens I really want to try to keep them. They are purple rasbora and so cute!
  20. sharkydog

    Male Betta In 10 Gallon With Dwarf Rasboras?

    Considering the tank would be heavily planted and the betta is tolerant of other fish(I am just trying to spread my options to some fish I think I would like, pygmy cory is already my 'back up' for tank mates if I don't find something I like more), could maybe 8 dwarf rasboras do well with a betta?