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  1. J

    Whirly Disease or Swim Bladder

    I have a 3 yr old Rainbow shark. I believe it's a male but not 100% positive. He is refusing to eat unless handfed via a small syringe. I noticed this about 2 days ago when he was out in the tank spinning in a corner. I thought whirly disease or swim bladder but he is not visibly bloated and he...
  2. Circus

    Injured Rainbow Shark

    My rainbow shark has been in the 80 gallon tank for going on 3 months now. Day before yesterday I noticed he was hiding, and today I was finally able to spot him. It looks like the other fish have had a go at him. The other inhabitants are 2 fire mouths (not a pair), a blue acara, a rainbow...
  3. D

    Rainbow shark in a 40 gallon

    Would a rainbow shark be fine in a 40 gallon breeder, if so what else could I house it with and in what quantities?
  4. A

    Something wrong with my rainbow shark

    Hi there, I have a problem with my rainbow shark, he just is at the top of the tank twitching about. Only did a water change yesterday. As far as know my pera meters are fine. I am aware he's in a tank to small atm but he's a juvanile and will be moved once my new. Large tank has cycled for a...
  5. L

    55 gal stocking ideas

    Hello I have a 55 gal with an albino rainbow shark, 5 serpae tetra, and 5 albino cories. I’m looking for some other fish to add in. I really like white and red fish. I really like long finned and long bodied fish especially eel shaped fish. The tank is planted and cycled and the substrate is...
  6. S

    Rainbow shark acting weird.. help?

    I’ve had a rainbow shark for 3 days now.. he still hasn’t turned fully black and he barely swims around. He’s in one position floating for hours and I’m concerned something is wrong. I’ve seen him eating algae but ever so often. My tank is 25l (I am aware this is small, I will upgrade to a...
  7. E

    Mixing Boesmani, Cichlids, Rainbow Shark, Petricola

    I'll soon be starting a new aquarium with a view to moving most of my current fish in, and, since falling in love with Petricola Catfish, i've started thinking about adding some African Cichlids as i hear they are ideal tankmates. My question is, can i mix my current fish with African Cichlids...
  8. arielsworld17974

    My Lovely Fish!

    Just wanted to share my lovely fish with everyone! Hope you enjoy! 55 gallon tank (for now) (: Can't get pictures of my shark catfish, they're way too fast.
  9. F

    A Cut Near The Gill Of My Albino Rainbow Shark?

    Tonight when I checked my tank I found my albino rainbow shark not acting normally.  He/ She is not eating, hiding behind the plants and is not moving much. Usually I see him/ her cruise the tank every now and then. Finally I found out there's something wrong beside his/ her gill. It looks like...
  10. L

    Rainbow Shark Born To Be Gray?

    Hello :) I'm new to fish forums, but I've used the info from your forums for years. I decided to join because I a puzzling rainbow shark. I've had him for about 6 months now. When I got him he was very small, probably the smallest I've ever seen. He was pretty pale when I bought him, but I...
  11. Dmbandstef

    55 Gallon Stocking Help

    Hello everyone. I have a 55 gallon aquarium that is set up, but I want to change the stock around. Right now I have an oscar, 3 black skirt tetras, a rainbow shark and a raphael catfish. What I wanted to do was trade the oscar in, get a few more black skirts, and add a smaller cichlid such as a...
  12. D

    Need Help Identifying Some Of My Fish - Video

    Hi everyone, I've got a 500 litre (roughly) fish tank, I've got a bunch of fish, the majority of which i know what they are. I was wondering if anyone could identity a few of my fish for me. (please see the youtube video - link below)     the two pleco's - i think they are just common pleco's...
  13. M

    Tank Transfer From 10g To 55g

    I am fairly new to the the hobby and completely new to the forum. i will be getting a new tank due to the $1 gallon sale at the local petco which will either be a 40g breeder or 55 g tank really cant decide. My current tank that i will be transferring from my current tank. A Half Moon/Circle 10g...