pregnant platy

  1. F

    Platy Pairs

    Hello! I have 4 Platies in my tank. They are always in the same pairs. I think they are male and female based by their colors, each pair has 1 that is almost completely orange(female?) and 1 that is orange body with black spots with an almost completely black tail(male?). The ones that I assume...
  2. K

    Pregnant Platy question

    I have 3 female platy fish & 2 males. They all get along great with the exception of the occasional male chase. It has been about 2 months I have had them & all 3 females are looking pregnant but not huge. Last week I noticed 1 fry at the bottom that looked fairly large. By the time I caught it...
  3. Jennifer Gonzales

    Pregnant or fat?

    Can someone please help me figure out if my platy is pregnant or just fat? I’m fairly new to fish-momming... I have guppies as well and apparently one of them was pregnant (and I didn’t even know) because I found a fry in the tank! Trying to avoid missing another set of fry
  4. Ruby011

    Pregnant Platy - if/when can I put her separate

    Hi there! So I'm very green to tropical fish keeping. I suspect one of my platy females may be pregnant. I've tried to read up on the topic, but i don't see the "spot". She seems very social, except for one of the other female that keeps chasing her and seems to be nipping her belly. In my...
  5. K

    Help! Is my platy pregnant!

    I recently got an aquariam and bought some platy to go in it, we also have tetra, a fighting fish and some gouramis. We got 5 platys and when we got home we noticed that 3 of them looked bigger. This was about 2 week ago now and they have grown massively. I cannot seem to see the black mark that...
  6. S


    Hi Guys :) Slightly concerned about my Platy. I’ve had her for a good two years now, and she seems fine at the moment, but have noticed her belly has recently gotten ‘bigger’. I moved her into my 200 litre tank 3 days ago. Her eating and swimming habits haven’t changed and her scales and gills...
  7. D

    Does my fish have dropsys?

    My female platy just had babies last week. She had a really big belly and 2 of my guppies were chasing her like crazy. We figured that they just wanted her eggs. Fast forward a week after the babies and now they’re still chasing her... and becoming more and more aggressive. I tried adding...
  8. Reannone96

    Pregnant Platy White And Clear Poop That's Sorta Stringy?

    Okay so I have been watching my platy closely today and she seems to be hiding a lot, she has a white tube under her anal fin and her graved spot seems to be closer to it. I noticed some white and clear poo that's stringy? What does this mean? Will she drop soon ? None of the other fish have...
  9. Ny82

    How To Tell If Your Guppy/molly/platy Or Swordtail Is Pregnant.

    Hi everyone, one of the most common questions asked is "is my guppy/platy/molly/swordtail pregnant" In this thread I will attempt to explain very simply how to tell she is pregnant and how to estimate how far along she is with the aid of pictures, week by week. I will be using guppies as the...
  10. laura91

    Is My Platy Pregnant?

    I got 2 orange platys, 3 danios and a pleco from the local pet shop in the beginning of january. Last week i noticed one of my platys was really fat compared to normal and especially compared to the other platy. Well tonight I noticed that she has a darker belly then normal and sometimes it...