pregnant platy

  1. C

    Is my platy pregnant? If so when is she due?

    Hello everyone! I bought 3 female platys last Sunday as I did not want any fry and after noticing one of my females looking larger than the other two and noticing a black part in her belly, I investigated what it could be and I am assuming that she became pregnant before purchase. If anyone...
  2. T

    Red wagta platy

    Hiya, I'm new to the tropical game, I brought some red wagtail platys today and it appears one of them may be pregnant but not too sure she may just be a fatty lol. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  3. A

    Pregnant Platy

    Hi, I’m pretty sure my platy is pregnant and im not too sure how far along! I made a note of the date I first noticed she was getting really big which was March 14th! I don’t have enough space for a separate breeding tank so have purchased a breeding box to give the babies the best chance of...
  4. B

    Is Peaches Pregnant?

    Hey guys im a new member that just joined and its great to be here. as the title suggests im here to see if you guys could help determine if peaches is pregnant. my sister noticed an orangey gravid spot on her but that could just be her colour. ill attach a pic
  5. R

    Why isn't my platy giving birth?

    Hi there, First time having a pregnant platy. She has been pregnant over a month and a half, it's becoming an on going joke of when she's going to give birth! Tested waters and it's fine other than the Ph maybe being a little low on 6.5, could that be it? She's in her own tank now 30L
  6. O

    Pregnant, Fat or Sick? Please help!

    Hi Everyone, I have a very pregnant looking platy, but am not sure if she is pregnant or just chubby. We feed them twice a day and she is always the first to suck up flakes. This week she started hiding behind the rock shelter with her tank mate. Anyone out there know if she could be pregnant? I...
  7. R

    Pregnant platy is pooping white rock like lumps in a row

    Hey my platy recently just gave birth to like 15 fry and they basically all died over the span of a week, but she still looks a bit pregnant (another platy I have looks very pregnant) and they have both been pooping this white poo that seems to have the appearance of white pebbles in a sack all...
  8. carligraceee


    PLEASE ANSWER QUICK- is my platy ready to give birth? i had her in a breeder but she seemed really stressed so i let her back out. she’s active but the male follows her around and pokes at her butt. PLEASE ANSWER! i want to save as many babies as possible! she also had a white pimple thing on...
  9. R

    Is my Mickey Mouse Platy Pregnant?

    I was looking at my fish today and felt like it’s stomach looks like it’s big and need to know if I’m going to need to watch out for babies so I can separate them when they’re born so they don’t get eaten. I’m wondering if anyone is able to tell! Thank you for your help!
  10. D

    Is my fish pregnant

    Is my fish pregnant, she says away from the males, eats hardly anything, hides, doesn’t do much swimming, lives with three males (1male platy and 2 Male guppies) and unknown sex of Otocinclus
  11. Falconwithaboxon

    Platy Pairs

    Hello! I have 4 Platies in my tank. They are always in the same pairs. I think they are male and female based by their colors, each pair has 1 that is almost completely orange(female?) and 1 that is orange body with black spots with an almost completely black tail(male?). The ones that I assume...
  12. K

    Pregnant Platy question

    I have 3 female platy fish & 2 males. They all get along great with the exception of the occasional male chase. It has been about 2 months I have had them & all 3 females are looking pregnant but not huge. Last week I noticed 1 fry at the bottom that looked fairly large. By the time I caught it...
  13. Jennifer Gonzales

    Pregnant or fat?

    Can someone please help me figure out if my platy is pregnant or just fat? I’m fairly new to fish-momming... I have guppies as well and apparently one of them was pregnant (and I didn’t even know) because I found a fry in the tank! Trying to avoid missing another set of fry
  14. Ruby011

    Pregnant Platy - if/when can I put her separate

    Hi there! So I'm very green to tropical fish keeping. I suspect one of my platy females may be pregnant. I've tried to read up on the topic, but i don't see the "spot". She seems very social, except for one of the other female that keeps chasing her and seems to be nipping her belly. In my...
  15. K

    Help! Is my platy pregnant!

    I recently got an aquariam and bought some platy to go in it, we also have tetra, a fighting fish and some gouramis. We got 5 platys and when we got home we noticed that 3 of them looked bigger. This was about 2 week ago now and they have grown massively. I cannot seem to see the black mark that...
  16. S


    Hi Guys :) Slightly concerned about my Platy. I’ve had her for a good two years now, and she seems fine at the moment, but have noticed her belly has recently gotten ‘bigger’. I moved her into my 200 litre tank 3 days ago. Her eating and swimming habits haven’t changed and her scales and gills...
  17. D

    Does my fish have dropsys?

    My female platy just had babies last week. She had a really big belly and 2 of my guppies were chasing her like crazy. We figured that they just wanted her eggs. Fast forward a week after the babies and now they’re still chasing her... and becoming more and more aggressive. I tried adding...
  18. Reannone96

    Pregnant Platy White And Clear Poop That's Sorta Stringy?

    Okay so I have been watching my platy closely today and she seems to be hiding a lot, she has a white tube under her anal fin and her graved spot seems to be closer to it. I noticed some white and clear poo that's stringy? What does this mean? Will she drop soon ? None of the other fish have...
  19. Ny82

    How To Tell If Your Guppy/molly/platy Or Swordtail Is Pregnant.

    Hi everyone, one of the most common questions asked is "is my guppy/platy/molly/swordtail pregnant" In this thread I will attempt to explain very simply how to tell she is pregnant and how to estimate how far along she is with the aid of pictures, week by week. I will be using guppies as the...
  20. laura91

    Is My Platy Pregnant?

    I got 2 orange platys, 3 danios and a pleco from the local pet shop in the beginning of january. Last week i noticed one of my platys was really fat compared to normal and especially compared to the other platy. Well tonight I noticed that she has a darker belly then normal and sometimes it...