pregnant balloon molly

  1. J

    Is my Balloon Molly Pregnant or just big?

    Hey everyone, I’ve had this balloon Molly since she was born, she was the fry of a previous generation of fish I had. She has siblings that are much younger than her, you can see one in one of the images. She sleeps at the bottom of the tank with her stomach fully on the ground, and quite often...
  2. J

    Balloon Belly Molly keeps giving birth

    Hello, I have 2 ten gallon tanks, in one I have 2 female balloon belly mollies and a rubber mouth pleco, and in the other i have balloon belly babies and 2 mystery snails. In the tank with the two females there seems to be something interesting happening. While i have had one of the mollies...
  3. C

    Pregnant Balloon Molly

    I recently purchased a ballon molly “first time owning one” and I know their naturally big but is it possible she’s pregnant ? She seemed distant from my other fish and eats a lot I just want to make sure I’m prepared if so
  4. E

    Pregnant mollies

    Hey guys 2 of our fish seem to be pregnant, would you say so? We only noticed this on Saturday so are unsure as to how long they have been pregnant for. The guys in pets at home advised we keep them in this cage until they give birth and then move them back into the tank and leave the babies...
  5. Dopatri

    Is my balloon molly pregnant?

    I bought my balloon molly roughly 4 weeks ago, however, this past week I’ve noticed she has more of a defined tummy than she did. Since I had her she did have a round belly but it does seem a little larger now. It also has a slight boxy look to it. It think it’s really hard to determine whether...
  6. CrazyBettaLady

    Balloon Molly sick or near birth?

    Hello fellow fishkeepers! I was hoping someone on here has enough experience with breeding balloon mollies to tell me if this is normal "very pregnant molly going to give birth" or some kind of illness like dropsy (which I know can look similar)? I've had my balloonies since around last...
  7. M

    Is my molly fish pregnant?

    I need help. I just added this fish into my tank less then a week ago. She/He seems way larger then our black ballon molly. Please help! If she is when does she need to be put into a separate tank? Anything I need to know?
  8. S

    Is my ballon molly pregnant?

    Heya! I’m a beginner hobbyist and I recently got a 36gal tank. I had 5 guppies before, all female. As expected they had babies so I got a bigger tank. I now have some ghost shrimp, cory catfish (small ones), my guppies, a mystery snail, and a ballon molly. My ballon molly has been acting really...
  9. K

    Balloon Molly Pregnant? also appears to be distressed

    Hello! My first ever time reaching out to the fish community for some help. My Balloon Molly (Spot) who has previously had fry appears to be pregnant (Although I'm unsure). Spot has the 'birthing canal' which looks like a white tube near her anal fin. She's white and very reflective so I cannot...
  10. Barry Tetra

    How to tell if my platy,swordtail or molly is pregnant?

    I don't know if my balloon molly and swordtail is pregnant or bloated belly.How to tell if it is bloated of pregnant?
  11. T


    Hi I'm new to this forum , I was wandering If anyone can help me please , I currently have an issue with one of my sailfin molly (female) it seems to be beloted and not like the normal pregnant look , eating fine and swimming around fine too I've attached some photos if anyone can help that much...
  12. GoodGollyMissMolly

    Stressed Out Pregnant Balloon Molly

    Hello all, in new here. I've just came to ask for some assistance. I recently started back up my 10 gallon tank after having moved to a new location. I had kept the water going in the tank along with the air stone and the filter, so the water didn't go stagnant. A couple days ago I got the...
  13. ranish

    Confused With New Balloon Mollies

    Got a couple of mollies but have no idea if they are going to drop fry. They are very confusing because they look big in the first place. Previous owner said that some may be pregnant. Please help. Any help welcome. I have attached some pics as well. Thanks
  14. ranish

    Is My Balloon Molly Pregnant? If Do When Will She Drop Her Fry?

    Got a balloon Molly yesterday with a tank that I brought and previous owner told me that she is pregnant. I am confused as it is so hard to tell with balloon mollies. Please have a look and tell me what you think. If she is pregnant how soon do you think she will drop? Thanks in advance below...