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  1. PumpKineTick

    Plant Matter Clogging Filter Intake

    Greetings, The fallen off plant matter of my pothos frequently clogs my filter intake by getting stuck on the mesh. I have removed it every time, although I had to fight my way to it, as my male jaguar cichlid is quite ferocious and attacks any intruder. I would like to have a definitive...
  2. ella777

    Floating plants?

    Are there any floaters that don't populate too quickly and are very hardy? My tank is 200l, I would like a small portion of the water surface used. My water is around 7.5 pH, I dont know what the gH or kH is, test strips don't help. The light is on for 8 hours. I don't use fertilisers or co2.
  3. ella777

    Plant advice?

    I'm worried. I've just got a 200l tank and I have no idea what to plant in it. I want plants that dont need co2, easy and shrimp & snail safe. I've got a list of plants I would really love to own Cryptocoryne Wendtii Cryptocoryne Willisii Cryptocoryne Beckettii Java Moss Ceratophyllum Demersum...
  4. V

    What plants will take over a tank?

    It kind of sucks to keep buying stationary plants that don't grow out to make a tank look more planted. I'm new to live plants, but I want more than stacking up on plants like java fern, amazon sword, and anubias. I want plants that you don't have to buy a lot of to make a tank look adequately...
  5. K

    Trying to identify plant/moss on my spider wood

    Does anyone know what type of plant/moss this is growing on my spider wood? Seems to have come directly from the dead piece of wood??? Worried that I may have something toxic to the fish. Thanks!
  6. V

    New to live plants

    I have a variety of live plants in a 20 gallon. I usually keep the light on for seven hours a day. I have livebearers. I don't know much about plants and that's probably why they keep dying off. I have sand as the substrate. I've heard about all these products but I'm not sure what I would need...
  7. M

    Algae in new tank & plant issue

    I’m in the process of cycling my new tank and I now have algae growing. Am I doing something wrong? How can I stop it? Also I’m unsure if this plant is dying and what I should do. My other plants are thriving
  8. B

    Adding new plants to my co2 established tank

    Hi guys, I have a 36 gallon tank and was wondering what do you guys normally do/how is it suppose to be done when adding a new plant that wasn’t living in a co2 tank and transferring it into one that I dose daily with liquid co2. If that even makes sense? It’s a Madagascar lace Unfortunately...
  9. T

    Good plants for my 40 breeder?

    Hey guys! Going to set up a planted tank sometime in the future. I think I have some decent hardscape but I'm looking for someone to point me in the right direction on what plants I should use or what light I should use. Ideally I'd like to grow medium, maybe high light level plants. I'm going...
  10. reptilenotfish

    Advice on scaping?

    any advice on planting or hardscape? species: - hygrophila polysperma 'tiger' - staurogyne repens - dwarf sagittaria - java fern - anubias nana - pogostemon i have since removed the moss thanks!
  11. B

    A few more plants I don't know

    These are plants that I receved from a friend when I first made my aquarium. He didn't knew wheir name either.
  12. B

    I forgot the name of these plants

    Hey, some time ago I bought a few plants and I forgot what they were exactly. They are all types of rotala but it's a bit hard to realise which one they are since they changed color in my aquarium (probably the light spectrum).
  13. D

    Planted fish tank tips for 60 gallon?

    Hey guys, I’ve recently gotten a 60 gallon fish tank, starting to do a cycle, and for this tank I’ve decided I want to try live plants. big step for me definitely as it is my first ever try. I want to go with the low maintenance ones so I was thinking Java fern, Anubias, anubias petite, moss...
  14. bettafishlover86

    online shopping

    Hi guys, I have been wanting some new plants for my aquarium. The kinds I want they do not sell at my local pet store. WHere is the best place to do online shopping for plants?
  15. CPDtank96

    A question for you planted tank people out there! 🌱

    Hey guys! New to the planted tank scene and looking for some maintenance tips and tricks 🌱 currently I have the following plants in my aquarium: Hygrophila corymbosa 'Siamensis 53B' (background) Hygrophila polysperma (background) Echinodorus grisebachii 'Bleherae' (I think this is the type...
  16. S

    When to introduce fish to aquascape

    Hi there, I’m setting up an aquascape using various low maintenance plants and azalea root (It has been soaking in my bath for the past week). The goal is to add some guppies to the aquarium at some point. I was wondering if you have any advice on how long to leave the plants to establish...
  17. F


    Hello guys, just received these as a gift, but the person didn't tell me what they are? Am I right in saying the big one is an anubias? Not sure what the smaller ones are, unless they're baby plants from the mother. Any info and also any tips on how to keep them and make them flourish would...
  18. N

    Plants decaying?

    Hi everyone, do you know what would make my plants die like this? It only happens with these kinds of leaves thanks!
  19. BSVKilbey

    Digging out my old Fluval Chi - Ideas Please :)

    Hi all, Welcome and thanks for reading. Whilst I am not a "newbie" to fish tanks it has been about 3 years since I filled a tank up. Upon clearing out my garage yesterday I found my old Fluval Chi 19L 5 Gallon Fishtank. I didn't bother cleaning it because the intention was to throw it away...
  20. F

    Sword plant nutrient deficiency?

    Hello, I’ve set up a new 80l tank, and I wanted a second opinion on my problem. Tank has been going for about 1 month. I added the plants about 3 weeks ago, and I am aware plants need to adjust to new water parameters. However, it seems my sword plant is doing worse than all the other plants...