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  1. Guyb93

    Finding the perfect pellet

    I have been trying to find pellets for my South American cichlids, after asking around and reading reviews Iv bought some Hikari cichlid gold and honestly they are scrap they are like little red fishing weights that float not one to force my fish to eat I removed the pellets and fed them there...
  2. TotallyTropical

    Hikari Betta Bio Gold

    I’m back again! (Although not for any big issues this time ;) ) My Nutrafin betta pellets recently expired and as I have recently picked up a job at my LPS and started training, I have learned that fish food past its expiry date has nutritional value equal to cardboard. I looked this up on here...
  3. EricBacker

    Switching Food

    Hey so I am new to this hobby and have a some questions. Let me first explain my set up and situation. I have a 30 gallon tank, a fluval 50 filter, an Eheim Jager heater for a 40 gallon tank, a current LED lightstrip, live plants (sorry dont know the names, 1 rock and sand substrate. I have 5...
  4. F

    Catfish Feeding

    Hi everyone,   Just wondering if you were to feed a catfish pellets would the other fish eat it before them? If so, would sinkable pellets be better. Any suggestions would be great.   Many thanks,   Fishyfish890
  5. davidjp1982

    New Life Spectrum Cichlid Pellets - Worth It Or An Expensive Way To Di

    Just wondered what peoples experience is with the NLS pellets? I've been trying to feed the 1mm sinking chiclhid pellets for a few months now and I can't be sure if my Apistos are actually eating the things or just blowing dust around the tank. They certainly rush to suck them into their mouths...
  6. RCA

    Moist Pelleted Fish Food

    I recently acquire a pot of small tropical pellets, called Firstbite, link at bottom of post.  I thought these were great, especially for my Bettas as they are moist so I guess they do not need pre-soaking.  I find with some of the Bettas though they need to learn that the food now sinks and...