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  1. S

    Opaline/blue gourami male bring aggressive or is this natural

    We not long ago got 2 opaline gourami. One female (pearl) and one male (opal). Male seems to chase the female around a lot. It is more around feeding time. I don’t know if he does it at night, or if it’s just when he thinks there is food. Is there any advice or signs to look for? the stuff...
  2. K

    For free to a good home - Opaline Gourami

    Hi guys im under 1 year in the Fish game, i have matured my tank nicely but now have realised that due to my eager stocking of fish, i have housed my opaline gourami with Rams and there not getting on great, but i can live with that its more to do with my little guys CPD and Tetras, who...
  3. Peepss

    Pearl Gourami- Fin Rot from tail damage?

    My Opaline decided to turn on my poor Pearl and did a number on her tail. I’ve moved her to a separate tank to heal but now it seems like she is starting to get an infection on the left side. She is having a hard time swimming so I can’t get a good view of the left, but it definitely seemed more...
  4. S


    Hi fish folk! I’m now setting up my 200 litre aquarium. And I’m very much looking forward to getting two different pairs of gouramis. Firstly; I’m wanting to get some ‘peaceful or more docile gouramis’ perhaps a couple of honey gouramis and opalines? Would this be ok? And secondly; I have 3...
  5. E

    Need Gourami Help

    Hey guys! My boyfriend and I just started a new tank, and tonight we noticed something strange on one of our gouramis and need some help. We're new to fish keeping, so we're not up to date on diseases, but we're thinking maybe anchor worms based on pictures we have found. Any help would be much...
  6. arielsworld17974

    Iridovirus? Help

    I noticed my poor female opaline gourami acting weird last night. And then she looked like this this morning!! She always fades so I wasn't worried when she fades. But this doesn't look right!! All the other fish are doing great! Levels are fine I'm going to check them tonight again after I get...
  7. DFT

    [Pic]Opaline Gourami Mating

      The picture is not perfect since it is a bit dark under the bubble nest.    I finally have them mating. Even though the male and female Opaline Gouramis  are in the same tank they just fight and never go into mating mood. Then I put the female in a net trap and put a piece of styrofoam on the...