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  1. M

    New Tank, New At Salt Water Fish.

    So, I have recently acquired a 58 gallon tank 100% free. It's in great condition and I have always wanted a Salt Water fish tank. However, I know these can get pricey and I want to budget out and make a goal of what I need to save for. If anyone has a sort of "list" of things I will be needing...
  2. D

    Light Fans

    Some advice needed please! I have just got a second hand orca mt50 tank, the lady selling it to me said one of the light fans was slow to start but worked after a while. I have set up my tank filled with water etc ready to start cycling process tomorrow I turned on the lights the fans both work...
  3. M

    Stocking My 20gal Freshwater Tank!

    Hey all, new member and beginner fishkeeper here! So I'm planning on getting my very first tank soon and wanted some suggestions. I consider myself fairly new to fishkeeping, and the only real experience I have is caring for my sister's male betta and two comet goldfish. However, I have been...
  4. I

    Major Problem With New Tank

    Hello frist of all. i have had my tank now for about 3 months had plants set up for over a month then added 9 tetras and 3 danios. 2 weeks later i added 3 more tetras and 2 danio. Then a further 2 weeks i added 1 siamese, 2 gouramis, a plec and a cloan loach to take care of my snail problem as...