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  1. Katemine

    New to hobby and forum.

    My boyfriend and I are fish enthusiasts who have both previously dabbled in keeping fish, but this is the first time either of is are doing things with research and care. I will probably say we a lot in posts, that is why I mention my boyfriend here. I've quickly become a fish addict. We have...
  2. R84achey

    New to fish! Blonde needing help!

    Hi Everyone, I have just purchased a 2nd hand Juwel 180. I’ve always wanted a tank however I’m finding everything so confusing. I’m currently giving everything a good scrub as the internal ornaments are filthy. They’ve had them stored in the back garden in a bucket ?. I’m cleaning them with...
  3. shaziasadiqah

    Any advice on building a fish room?

    Since me and husband are now getting serious with this hobby we plan on make a fish room. we now have 4 tanks running, 57gal, 25gal, 16gal and a 10gal. our main question is there any special system required for a fish room? Like draining/water change system and filtration system? we plan on...
  4. shaziasadiqah

    Should i give my fish a fasting day?

    So, i read some articles that are saying that it’s good to give your fish one fasting day each week because that’s good for their digestive system. right now my fish have this feeding schedule: monday: prepared food (tropical flakes for most fish, sinking wafer for bottom dwellers and...
  5. Quadda

    Please help, very cloudy water with no fish yet

    Hi everyone, I have recently got a 10 gal tank for some guppies and shrimp, a basic little build. I set it up this past Saturday and have been having some troubles with cloudiness. After about a day of setup, the tank got VERY cloudy. And I mean really cloudy, barely able to see through. I did...
  6. A

    Understanding water test/ lowering ammonia

    I recently started up a tank. I used to keep bettas with my grandma (mostly just helped her feed them lol) and didn’t realize what care went into fish keeping. That being said, I had an impulse moment and bought a betta. I had him in a ten gallon alone but wanted to start a community because he...
  7. P

    Issue with filter?

    I'm not exactly sure where to post this...i have a penn-plax 300 internal filter in my 10 gallon tank. As I was doing a water change and examining the filter for dirtiness, I accidentally let the air muffler of the air tube dip into the water. I dried it off the best I could, even inside the...
  8. S

    Problem: Betta Is Gobbling Up Tankmates Food!

    I recently started a planted 10gallon aquarium for my Betta and am using corner filters to reduce flow for his fins. He seemed to be pacing around and lonely, so I decided to get him tankmates. I ultimately decided on a school of ten White Cloud Minnows, who luckily have seen no aggression from...
  9. S

    Hello From West Midlands

    hello I thought I would join this site as im setting up my first tropical fish tank (35 litres)