new fish keeper

  1. Yuhui

    Lonely cardinal tetras with ich

    Hello there, I’m new to owning fishes and is been 5 days since I started in the fish community, so I need some help :). I have two cardinal tetras who recently got infected with ich, but I started treatments when I saw them. Fortunately, after three days of treatment the ich was gone but is...
  2. L

    New Here!

    Hi there, This is my introductory post! (I'm going to write out my fish keeping journey so skip to the bottom if you don't want to read a bunch!) I'm Mariah, I am 22 years old, a college student (majoring in art education) and a very very new fish keeper! My family always have had fish but I...
  3. CozyCat

    Please help! Cloudy water

    Hi I set this tank up in September 2021 and have been dealing with cloudy water since late November. The filter sponges constantly clog with brown gunk and you can't see the back of the tank let alone the big piece of driftwood that's suppose to be in the middle. A layer of brown gunk coats...
  4. CozyCat

    Is my cory sick?

    Hi, new fish keeper here. I have a group of six peppered cories in a 12 gal planted aquarium with some guppy fry. Had three to begin with and recently added another three to the group. One of the new ones has a bent spine and is behaving a bit odd. He is very inactive, but can swim ok when he...
  5. CozyCat

    Introducing myself

    Hi! I'm a new fish keeper from Australia🙃 I set up my first tank for my birthday in February, now I have four tanks lol😂 LOVE corydoras and betta fish, I also have some guppies and a honey gourami called Pikachu. Each of my tanks are planted aquariums except one which houses my mum's betta, it's...
  6. carligraceee

    New Corys and an update!

    Hey guys! I took some tests these past weeks and have been watching my water. My ammonia levels are at 0 and all my water levels are puerfect (the hardness is a little low but my fish are not exhibiting any signs of stress or malnutrition). My fish have been so well that I took another step and...
  7. carligraceee

    Pea puffers with mollies???

    Hey all! PSA: If you follow my threads you know I have a water issue right now so know I am NOT getting new fish until this gets sorted out. However, for when I can introduce new fish to my tank, I want to know which would go well with my remaining two mollies and a platy. I looked up Pea...
  8. Dukefish

    Betta Sorority (6 Month Update) (Comments/Advice/Guidance Welcomed!)

    I last posted in August after recently doing the forum introducing you all to my first tank ever and my betta sorority: Link After some advice and research I made some changes and entered the Tank of the Month: Link It's been several months since I posted so I'd like to give you an update on...
  9. A

    Need help emergency! Betta and cardinal terra

    Bit of a long post but please read all PLEASE NOTE I am brand new to this and have only had my fish for around 1 week : I Have got a 30L tropical tank, which was left cycling for nearly 2 weeks before any fish went in. There is lots of live plants also some plastic ones, lots of hiding spots...
  10. C

    Can anyone suggest what wrong?

    Hi All! My first post on here so please be nice haha So I’ve had my tank for around about 2 months now. I’ve got 3 German blue rams, 3 cobalt dwarf gourami, 8 neon tetras, 5 black phantom tetras, 3 Mickey Mouse plattys, 3 rummynose, 3 Cory cats, 5 reed tetras and 4 gold terras and 5 harlequins...
  11. B

    [VIDEO] Setting up my first Aquarium, A Roma 240. I have a few questions in this video I hope you can help me.

    Thanks for watching and taking an interest, let me know how I am doing and if I got things right or where I could improve. TY.