molly dalmation pregnant

  1. LexiLex888

    Molly Had Babies???

    My sisters came into town for a week and a half recently and I asked them to pick out some fish to add to my 55 gallon tropical tank! One of them picked out an African dwarf frog and the other picked out three lyretail mollies. I quarantined them for a week and a half and released them in my...
  2. Brad G

    Fish with ich/ick

    I have a 20 gallon tank the has quite a few plants. I put API Super ick cure in 5 days ago. I’m starting my 2nd round of treatment because my fish still have the white spots 1 of them are actually getting worse . I took out the carbon filter but left in the ammonia filter. Should I take that off...
  3. Selina Dionne Slotter

    Molly pregnant?

    I’m not 100% sure but I think my molly is pregnant? I’m not sure because she doesnt look huge but she does look bigger than the other fish did at the pet store (which is why I got her, I thought she was cute but now I’m nervous lol) and her belly is kind of squared off I think? I’ve had her...
  4. nmacog

    Is My Dalmation Molly Female And Pregnant ?

    Hi All,   We are new to keeping fish. Had our 1st tank 3 weeks with only one fish at present, been in there 2 weeks, a Dalmation Balloon Molly.    When we were sold it, we were told it was male. However we are suspecting it is female and pregnant ! Could someone please shed some light on this ...