1. V

    How do I use a siphon?

    This is my first time using a proper siphon. I've followed all the instructions that came with it. The problem is, when it picks up waste the waste just falls out soon after instead of going in. Unless I tip it over to pour directly down into the tubes. The instructions told me to shake up and...
  2. F

    $50 budget Betta sorority tank

    Hey guys! I recently started a betta sorority nano tank. I had an aquarium 10 years ago but things have changed a lot since then, equipments, the theory in general. I decided to ask this forum for ways to improve my tank, some advice from experts, equipment wise, aesthetically, anything...
  3. Vengified

    Fry in Tank, how to W/C, etc. And UNIQUE female. And tank pics.

    So, I have several questions/concerns, and also a few pics I would like some opinions/information on, so please livebear with me, on my livebearer inquiries! :clap: Sorry it's rather long winded. Also, before anyone asks, I do know the nitrogen cycle, my tank is fully cycled, ph 8.0, hardness...
  4. T

    Ph Drop

    Hello all, I'm experiencing some unusual problems with one of my tanks. (I have 9) but the one I'm having the problem with is actually 10 years old! I'll upload pics, beautiful tank, crystal clear water, all levels have been fine even PH, up until now. All levels test 0 besides ph and nitrate...
  5. Cameronb_01

    Ph Controllers

    Hi Guys,   I have been keeping tropical fish now for three years and I have  always wanted to keep discus fish. However they require quite low Ph and for years I have been told by the people in my LFS that the only way to do this is by using a barrel to collect rainwater or by putting a large...
  6. E

    General Maintenance Tips For Genesis Union Dual Gauged Co2 Regulator

    Since some of my friends told me their CO2 regulator stops working after just few years or even few months. Here's some of my experience from my workshop people telling me that it's not the problem of the regulator but it's from the CO2 cylinder!!   Here under is a Genesis Union Dual Gauged CO2...
  7. P

    Cycling, Maintenance And Stocking

    Hello,   After my initial attempt at cycling my 125L tank for 33 days without any drop in ammonia, I cleaned out the tank and filter completely and started again.   On the second attempt the only difference was that instead of using water from the tap I filtered if through a Pozzani to remove...
  8. Barb-barian

    Canister Maintenance

    i was wondering if anyone had any good tips about canister maintenance.  Im thinking i should alternate what media i change out to keep that good bacteria around and my LFS suggested i change the O ring on it.  Thats about as far as i could find.  Any and all tips n tricks that you can think of...
  9. Dstreet

    Filter Maintenance Question

    I have a 60 gallon tank with a Fluval C4 HOB filter. How often should I rinse the filter components (sponge, ceramics and charcoal)? During weekly water change or less often? Don't want to disturb bacteria but also do not want it to get too dirty? Should all media be rinsed at one time or...