1. V

    A poll for aquarium lids

    Multiple options for those with multiple tank syndrome. For example, you might have a tank without a lid because the stocking doesn't jump, and a lid on a tank that does.
  2. FishFinger90

    Lid won’t close

    I’ve had the Ciano 60 (57L) filled with water and substrate in place for about 4 days. The lid was loose on the top so I could adjust the placement of the filter etc. Having now clipped the lid onto its hinges it won’t close properly as if it doesn’t fit. What do you think could cause this? Hope...
  3. Falconwithaboxon

    Glass v Plexiglass v Open Top

    I have a 45 gallon tank and I am looking to replace the lid for it. I want a glass lid as I just bought a nice light that I can't use with a black lid. The lid dimensions would be 36" L x 12" W. I cannot find anyone selling what I need so I was thinking about making my own or doing it lidless...
  4. Barry Tetra

    Lacquer splay paint and fish tank

    Hello.... So..our neighbours often paint and spraying their stuff and air is fills with the chemicals smell and now I have to wear carbon mask. Talked to the neighbor and it doesn’t go well.... My fish tank is near the front door that we opens during the daytime, will the chemical in the air...
  5. Ellie Potts

    Cheap aquarium lid

    I'm looking into getting a peacock eel for my 55 gallon aquarium, but the tank doesn't have a lid and has an overhead light. I've looked into ordering an acrylic sheet to go on top (I'm thinking 1/4" extruded acrylic although I really have no idea), but I'm not sure how I'd secure the sheet to...
  6. C

    Tank lid: What do you use?

    If they're not the standard cover/condensation lid, what do you use? I would like images then I can get some ideas. Thanks in advance
  7. dopey696

    beware Aqueon equipment

    Aqueon does not honor their own warranty, it is an empty promise that will never be fullfilled. I recently purchased a size 29 Aqueon tank and lid that did not fit together due to a manufacturing flaw. I contacted Aqueon customer service who responded to my concern by saying the lid not fitting...
  8. Johng89

    Thinking About A Diy Led Lighht Setup In A Jewel 60L

    I have decuded i would like to either build a new led with built in LED lights or adde them to the existing lid of my daufghter jewel rekord 60l tank. it have a few basic plants and a standard t8 bulb fitted at the moment but i quite fancy setting up a new lid with daytime LED's and a blue or...