1. jessicarf00

    betta ich? - might be resolved ?

    just tonight i noticed a speck on my betta that i assume is ich. i normally wouldn’t be so freaked out but i leave for a 6 day vacation on thursday so i know i can’t do much between now and then. i have somebody lined up to feed him but i have no medications and i can’t rely on this person to...
  2. Mackamoora


    ‼️PLEASE HELP‼️ Hello. I’ve had my betta, Nilou, for about 1.5 years now. About two or more weeks ago I put him in a hospital tank, trying aquarium salt, Melafix, and other remedies to try and cure what I thought to be fin rot. I started noticing signs of illness about half a month before I...
  3. 1

    Help my bristlenose pleco has developed a red lump

    First time posting. While changing my water I noticed my pleco has developed a large red lump on his side. He's still eating fine and moving around the tank. I've not been able to find other examples so I need to know the best course of action. I have a isolation tank I can fill up if needed.
  4. JackieP

    I think my betta fish has fin rot

    Her fins really just look bad to me. They’ve darkened and it looks like they’re becoming smaller. I think she actually just had dropsy which is now better because of the epsom salt baths. I know dropsy is just a symptom of a disease. Let me know what you think.
  5. tonitetra

    Red bumps on ADF. PLEASE HELP!

    I have a 37 gallon tank with 2 ADF frogs. My water levels are within normal limits, there is no ammonia and no nitrite. I had 3 but one died and was suffering from red bumps all over its face. It started about a month ago with one bump on his lip and then it progressed to many red irritated...