help needed

  1. L

    Sick Synodontis?

    I’ve had a synodontis eupterus for almost 4 years now. About a month ago, I transferred him from my 55 gallon to a newly cycled 75 gallon. I gathered my own driftwood from the banks of the Mississippi and treated them thoroughly before putting them in the tank. I have added 5 Congo tetras, 3...
  2. Bri McLelland

    How Far (Pregnant) is My Guppy?

    I don't want to annoy people, I'm sure there are quite a lot of threads like this. if you are willing to help, can you figure out how much longer till my guppy gives birth? (an estimation) I'd like to know so I can put her in a breeder box to prevent her from eating the fry.... Thanks for reading.
  3. Tmendoza18


    My guppies eyes look low almost as if he is sad. All he does is hangout near the filter where the water falls in. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. R

    Something catastrophically wrong with my tank. Please help.

    Background - I was given a Juwel Trigon 190 corner tank by my friend who had it sitting in his garage for a few years. After thoroughly washing it with water and white vinegar, leaving it to sit for 3 days to test for leaks and then draining it, I brought it into my home where I started a...
  5. V

    Shredded, Bloated Betta

    Hi. I'm a new betta owner, and I bought my fish about two months ago. I took care of him for the first month, and he was shy but healthy. After a month of vacation and leaving the fish in my fathers' care, I am very stressed with his new appearance. Although he is happy and friendly, is eating...
  6. P

    Betta has possible internal parasites? Please help!

    I think my betta fish, Periwinkle, has internal parasites. One day I came home from school to see that he has stringy white poo. However, that’s the only symptom I see. I’m a beginner, so I thought it’s better to seek help from more experienced fishkeepers. He’s in a 10 gallon by himself...
  7. TheSoggyBagel

    My Black Skirt Tetra is sick! Pleas help!

    Hi everyone! I need help! A few months ago I rescued a black skirt Tetra from my uncle, who kept him in a 40g with barely any water (5-10 gallons of water actually in the tank), no heater, and he hadn't cleaned the tank in 6 moths. The fish hadn't been fed for one. When my uncle finally took...
  8. misshedge

    Guppy turning black... ish?

    My male fancy guppy (Slash) has been doing absolutely fine, and I've had him for about four weeks or so. Although, just recently, I've noticed a spot on the front of his dorsal fin that has turned solid black in the morning, and a more transparent grey in the evenings. It is also on a thin line...
  9. B

    Help! What's This Thing On My Betta?

    I've had my Halfmoon Betta, Angel, for about 2 months. I noticed this weird growth(?) on him this morning and I've been super worried about it. Can anybody help me identify it? I keep his water between 78 - 85 degrees. I change it and condition it every week. He's fed twice a day (Aqueon Betta...
  10. J

    Not sure what is wrong with betta's fin

    Hi. My daughter has had her betta for about 9 months. Things were fine, but tank started getting algae almost the day after I cleaned it. I have gravel, carbon motorized marineland filter in a 3 gallon tank...which water is about 2.25 to 2.5 gallons water since gravel takes up space. Told at...
  11. A

    Please Help!!

    I'm afraid my fish, John Quincy Adams, is sick! He had a white spot on his fin when I first got him 9 months ago but it did not grow or change so I left it alone. I've begun to notice that his tail looks like it might be deteriorating and some of his dark blue color is lightening. He has...
  12. goldenclaw

    Skimmer filling bowl

    Hello, I am new to the saltwater setup and my skimmer is filling the bowl with water even turning the valves down or up doesn't prevent it from doing it. when I put the airline in the water it stops bubbling up and filling. I tested the skimmer just yesterday and it worked fine. All I did was...
  13. R

    Help! Fish struggling to stay up, swim bladder problems?

    I have a cherry barb in a 20 gallon tank who is beating his front fins frantically and swimming upward in order to stay up, otherwise he sinks to the bottom. It seems like his swim bladder isn't working and he can't "float" in the water like before. I've had cherry barbs die of this in the past...
  14. F

    Please Help Me With My Gourami I Dont Know If He Is Ill Or Injured

    Hey guys first post but really need help, i recently bought a gourami fish well 2 and one of them has gotted either scraped or is ill, im only a noob but i have a feeling its a illness Please help
  15. C

    Sick Fish, Still Can't Find A Solution After Trying Two Medication

    My German Blue Ram has had a cloudy eye and protruding white mass for some time now (see pictures). Two weeks ago I posted asking for help on the issue and decided to treat with herbal tonics (pimafix and melafix by API). After the recommended dosing I saw no change so I purchased some...
  16. noobgamers

    29 Gallon Plant Advice

    hey me gain just asking for advise on the plants in my upcoming 29 gallon aquarium the lighting is going to be 1.5watts per gallon no co2 will be used although i am willing to put lot so ftime into maintenance the fish i ma getting in this tank are 10 flame tetra 4 mollys 4 balloon mollys 2...
  17. B

    Toad Stool Mushroom

    Hi, I'm new to the fish world,so I do need some help/advice.I have only just set up a salt water tank 3 weeks ago and all was fine and lovely, when a toad stool mushroom suddenly, all projections retracted, my Priscilla Clowns are trying there best.The Toad stool looks fine as do all the other...