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  1. I

    My Harlequin Rasboras are dying one by one- HELP

    Tank size: 54l, 60x30x30 cm tank age: Fully cycled, one full week with fish pH: 6 ammonia:none nitrite:0 nitrate:<10 mg/l kH:20od gH:>4od tank temp:24 degrees celcius Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior): One fish was swimming strangely...
  2. T

    Need help identifying a this disease.

    Hello, I recently returned to this hobby after a 7 year break. I'm excited to return but am running into trouble. I need help diagnosing this disease. I have a newly cycled tank that's about 2 months old and stocked this tank lightly about 2 weeks ago. Unfortunatly there was some hidden ich on...
  3. dirty_bishop

    55 Gallon Dirt Substrate Community Tank

    Just wanted to share a few pics of my first aquarium.. 3 ft tank 9 Harlequins 8 Corys 4 Bristlenose 15 Neons 3 Dwarf Gouramis 3 guppies (newest addition, why not).. and about 6 or so plant species.. What do we think ? :) I'm super happy for my first tank. It's about 8 months old now.
  4. W

    Will My Harlequin Be Lonely?

    I am in the process of establishing a 55gal community tank. I am completing the cycle and plan to bring in a school of cardinal tetra and some dwarf rainbowfish and cories. My friend who is getting out of the hobby is giving me one female irian rainbow fish and one harlequin rasbora, both older...
  5. P

    4Ft Community Tank Start To Finish

    So, after month of waiting to be messed about a final time I thought my dreams of a bigger tank were shattered. And then I saw this beauty on Facebook. ( won't let me post it as it's too big, will try from the laptop later) basically it's a 4ft tank, stand and all the trimmings for £100. I...
  6. Curiosity101

    Several Community Fish Free To Good Homes - Nottingham

    Livestock: Harlequin Rasbora Quantity for sale: 5 Reason for Sale: Shutting down tank Delivery or Collection: Collection Sales price: Free, just let me know what tank they'll be placed in and what other tank mates they will have Postage & Packaging: n/a Location: Nottingham   Livestock: Male...
  7. tmoney

    Am I Overstocking?

    I was planning on restocking my tank and i have a ten gallon tank.  I have a common pleco in there right now and i know that my tank is way to small figured that out after i got it.  I plan on getting 6 harlequins and 4 neon tetras i also plan on getting some anubis plants probably only one...