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  1. J

    Betta identification and genetics

    Hello, I believe I have a 'fancy' halfmoon male betta (see picture, may be wrong) and I am going to try and breed him with one of my females (currently all veiltails). However, I read somewhere that the veiltail gene is dominant and thus would result in all the fry having a veiltail... is this...
  2. Bettapuppy

    Introducing Frida!

    I got myself a new betta today! I got a little tiny, halfmoon, female. She’s a bit dull now, but I can see traces of blue and red on her. I chose to name her Frida after the famous artist Frida Khalo. This is my first time owning a female. Are there any differences I should know about?
  3. B

    My Very Own Set Up, New Love For My Fish.

    Hey so I decided to join this forum and to quit annoying my friends with pictures of my fish and aquarium. I really would like to gain new friends that could help me expand my knowledge on Aquarium life and to hear me rant about all my fish and aquarium detailed stories! (As I of course would do...
  4. Bm05891

    Help! New White H/m Fin Rot Or Tail Chewing? With Pics!

    Hello all this is my first time posting so thank you in advance for any help or advice! Just picked up my beautiful white halfmoon boy from quaranteen. He has been in his tank for a day now, and I've noticed on part of his tail getting Raggy. The tips of it has almost turn clear and now appear...
  5. RCA

    Well What Would You Have Done...

    ...bought him or resisted?   Will try and get a better picture in due course, but this is my latest boy, as of 16th March, sorry but just couldn't help it.