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  1. I Like Rare Fish

    Pokémon Cards!!

    Went through my room and found a tub of cards. Spent hours sorting them and here are my favorites!
  2. FishForTanksNotBellies

    New to TFF, saying hello!

    Hello! My name is Jamie Adams, and I come from a little town called Plymouth in Wisconsin. My boyfriend and I recently got into the fish hobby, after we seen a sickly fish swimming in Lake Michigan. Since then, we have found ourselves having Mollies, Goldfish, Gourami's, Snails, and Shrimp! 2...
  3. ks2012ks

    10 gallon New*bee

    Hi I am Kyle, I purchased a 10 gallon tank a month back, equipped with everything I need to start a freshwater aquarium. Slowly but surely I have been adding fish and cleaning 35-45 % of the water, weekly, falling on Sunday. My fish are happy and respond well to my activity outside of the tank...
  4. fropuf

    Red-Bellied Piranha's

    Hey. I'm starting this topic for those who own or have owned Piranhas before, of any type. I myself have owned 4 red-bellied. Anyone have any stories or anything, post them here. Photos wanted. A funny story about my red bellies. We feed them goldfish sometimes. They would run away from the...
  5. rossclan151

    Fiddler Crabs And Mystery Snails

    We rescued 2 fiddler crabs from Wal-mart and it has changed our fish keeping lives.  My kids are doing research and learning all they can.  We upgraded and expanded our tank and now have a second tank.  We have had successful moltings and seemingly happy crabs.  We now rescued a female fiddler...
  6. W

    My 20 Gallon Build

    OKAY! So here is the dealio.  I know what I would like in the tank, what filters and all that good stuff. I am looking for suggestions on cutting the stock (if needed), any other plants I would need (particularly for the african butterfly fish) or any other fishy stuff and recommendations for...
  7. G

    Breeding Guppies

    hi guys i am thinking on entering a show in my town for fancy guppie,endlers, basicaly anything thats not your basic guppy but the rules are    entered fish must have been bred and rared by the person entering    so i am going to breed endlers i have a ten gallon for the fry and all the...
  8. B

    30 Gallon

    December 1st 2013   This isn't the first time I have done a journal,  but it is the first time I have typed it.    I have always loved fish! Salt Water is pretty, but what really makes me happy is freshwater.  Although most fish found in fresh water are not bright and colorful, they have a...
  9. jwalser18

    My Tanks

    So,   I've been in the hobby ~5 months, and was a long time viewer of this forum and finally decided to join not to long ago. I currently have 3 tanks running and 4 sitting in my spare bedroom until I figure out what I want to do with them   So, I'll run though all the tanks I have!       55...
  10. Verminator89

    Port Acara For Sale

    Livestock: Port Acara Age and condition: Age Unknown but happy and healthy Quantity for sale: 2 (1 male 1 female) Reason for Sale: Going back to Geo's Delivery or Collection: Collection only, although will deliver for cost of fuel within reasonable distance. Sales price: £20 for the pair...