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fluval edge 46l

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  1. cl3537

    Hi All Just Signed Up Lots Of Questions I Hope You Gurus Can Answer

    Hi Guys,   My first post here wanted to say hello, I have been reading for a couple of weeks as much as I can various forums and have had a lot of trouble getting definitive answers on many of my questions so I look forward to posting soon.   I am looking to setup a Fluval Edge 46L and I have...
  2. F

    Fluval Edge 46L Stocking?

    Hi guys, i've bought the new fluval edge 12g/46l and im really not sure what to stock it with. I was thinking some guppies with endlers and cardinals maybe? I know it a small tank you dont have to tell me that. Its all cycled and all the tests have been done. Thanks :)
  3. RCA

    Aqua One 320 To Fluval Edge 46L Project

    Background to the Project One of my Betta Boys was housed in an Aqua One 320 on the bedside cabinet, however I did not like this tank and wanted to replace it. I had been considering having one made to fit the space however, I was also aware that an Edge would fit nicely due to its small...
  4. timjam

    Saying Hello And A Question About Stocking My New Fluval Edge 46l

    Hi Everyone, New fish keeper here with a Fluval Edge 46l. I say fish keeper... but actually at the moment all I have is gravel, some plastic plants and a couple of rather small Anubias Nana. Iv been following the "add and wait" method of fleshless cycling described here...