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  1. V

    Sponge filter assistance

    I just got a sponge filter since my other filter stopped working. Even though the main filter is malfunctional, I don't want to remove it right away because I could risk crashing the cycle. So, how long after having the sponge filter in can I take out the broken filter? Another problem. The...
  2. V

    Identifying what this is

    (Sorry if it's bad quality, there's algae on the walls. But that's not the main point I want to discuss.) There is this brown ball floating in my fish tank. It's not sitting on the decor; it's floating in the middle of the water. I have no idea what it is. The last time I added anything new to...
  3. V

    How do you take fish out without putting water in tank?

    I've seen in discussion that you shouldn't add store water to the tank when putting in new fish. I get it, but how would you do that? The net is too big to fit in the bag to only scoop the fish out. I don't understand how you would get the fish out without adding the water they come with. I'd...
  4. outofwater

    Plant ID, all long filaments

    Hi everyone, When I was setting up my tank I saw this floating plant at the LFS and liked how it looked. The guy couldn't tell me what it was. It came with a fake plastic ludwigia that works as an "anchor" for it. I'd like to know what it is, I actually haven't seen it in any of the "big...
  5. S

    African Dwarf Frog floating please help!!

    Hi, I made an account so I could ask about this so sorry if I am doing something wrong. I've had two African dwarf frogs for about three months, and within the past 4 days, I've had the female floating at the top. So far I've done tons of research and she's not bloated or doesn't have any cloudy...
  6. KatNor21

    Can water spangles and other floating plants survive bleach

    Hi, I'm planning to get some floating plants like water spangles or frogbit. I just lost several fish to ich and have found what might be a leech in my aquarium before. So I'm nervous about buying new live plants that could be bringing along harmful hitchhikers. I don't really have a quarantine...
  7. HoldenOn

    Floaters and filters

    Hey all, Finally found a place that sells floating plants! However I am running into a problem. I had to put my anarchis in the substrate because it kept getting sucked up, now I could have tied it but I don't like string in my tank (it just bugs me, idk). Now you can't tie floaters so what do I...
  8. HoldenOn

    floating java fern

    Will my java fern be fine floating? The thread I used started to fall apart, so I untied them and let them just float around.
  9. A

    Floating Cory

    Halppp So ph:7.4 GH; soft Temp 74 Ammonia 0 Nitrites 0 Nitrates 0-1 None of my parameters have changed since having this little peppered Cory for 4 months. He's done great. 2 recent changes to tank: -weekly addition of seachem flourish (about a month) -addition of 2 more corys (wrong ones that...
  10. KateeR

    New Betta is hanging out at the top of tank

    Hello, I got my first betta (Mr Fiji) yesterday, I'm new to owning fish and I'm a bit worried because he's spending most of his time at the top of his tank. He was healthy when I got him (despite being kept in a tiny betta bowl): he had a bubble nest going and no fin or tail rot, and yesterday...
  11. S

    Floating Peppered Cory

    This is one of my peppered cory's he as about double the size as his pair. He spends most of daylight at the surface of the tank like this, however usually against the glass, and hidden further in the plants. He seems to be in a sleep state when i find him like this, and will not move what so...
  12. fishperson100

    Bloated Betta

    Hey everybody! So, one of our bettas has been looking a little fat lately, and today he has been sometimes just letting himself float on his side. I don't know if he is constipated or has swim bladder disease, so I was going to let him fast for a few days, and change a bit of water everyday...
  13. A

    Molly Fish Motionless At Surface

      Dear friends,   The day before yesterday I bought 3 dalmatian mollies for my tank. I noticed that sometimes my mollies (one in particular) move to the surface, where they just 'float'. He won't move and he won't eat. When opening the lid, the one molly I'm worried about will move and swim...
  14. I

    Urgent Help With My Longfin Zebra Danios, Please!

    Hi! I am very worried about my longfin zebra danios! I need help! I just got my tank (29 gallons) stocked with fish, water parameters are all zero for ammonia, nitrite and nitrate. pH is 7.8. Water temp is 79 degrees F (can't get it cooler, that's what the house is inside). My tank is...
  15. Christiane

    Adf Unable To Stay Underwater

    I am new to this forum but am asking for help with my 2 ADF. About 2 weeks ago, one of them was unable to stay submerged and kept rising to the top of the tank. He could only stay submerged if he wedged himself under something. His appetite was also very poor, even turning down thawed...
  16. RCA

    Betta Log Or Small Floating Log Experiences...

    I have been looking at these on-line and was wondering if anyone has any experience of either or both of these?  Some reviews have said they need to be sanded down before use, and can wear away easily.  However, generally Bettas seem to love them.  The ones I have come across are by ZooMed. OR...