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  1. J

    Bloated Cory, help needed

    Hey, I am new to fish keeping. One of my Corydoras got bloated lately. I thought it was about to lay eggs, then I read about different health conditions incl. constipation, bloat, and dropsy which may be the case here. Also noticed that Cory's color got lighter as well (FYI two other Corydoras...
  2. B

    Help!!! Betta Sick??

    Hi guys, I'm new to this forum but I have a problem with one of my fish! I have a young male butterfly half-moon betta in a community tank (he's very a very gentle soul). Yesterday I found him 'stuck' behind the water heater (now I know bettas are notorious for sticking themselves places they...
  3. F

    What is wrong with my Oscar?

    s/he has been acting strange lately, something is obviously wrong but I can’t figure it out. We’ve tried dosing the tank with Melafix, salt, general cure, but nothing seems to work. S/he is about 1 1/2 years old and is getting progressively worse. All other fish in the tank are in good health...
  4. W

    I'm scared my fish is going to die.

    Hi, I have a male betta named Morty (almost a year and a half old) who has had a growth on one side of him for some time now. I originally didn't think much of it (or maybe just hoped it was fine?) but it has grown rapidly over time and now he seems to lay down very often. He used to come and...
  5. D

    Fin Nipping or Fin Rot on my guppy

    Hello, i am looking for some advice. I have noticed my male guppy has a few marks on his tail. Like a silvery whitish patch here and there. Is this fin rot, fin nipping or something else? Currently i have only 4 male guppies together in the tank. I don't want to dose him if not necessary with...
  6. J

    Identifying Flukes in Fish

    Hi, New here and not entirely sure this is an 'emergency' or not but couldn't find a "fish health" section on here. I have a pretty well planted 40 gallon tank and have noticed my fish flicking and twitching parts of themselves onto plants , gravel or anything else in the tank. I noticed it a...
  7. S


    Please help! My baby betta looks like she's bleeding on both sides of her head. She is in a heated filtered and cycled 6.5 gal tank with two bronze corydoras.. Her tank is next to my work station at home so I always keep an eye on her and she's never displayed signs of aggression towards the...
  8. G

    Fish Food

    Hi everyone,   I've recently realized that my current food that I am feeding my 2 fancy goldfish is not suitable, containing Sorbitol and chicken by products.  I'm going to switch to a more natural, high quality fish food.  What foods would you recommend?