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electric blue acara fry

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  1. J

    Blue acara Fry questions

    Hi just wanted to know if I can keep a pair of Electric Blue and normal Blue acara cichlids in with their fry? Or separate mum and dad with fry? I think the Electric Blue male is a hydrid itself and I need to know; as it is quite aggressive to other fish whether it is safe to remove the Male...
  2. Guyb93

    8week old electric blue acara

    Hello all been a while since posting but here’s my 8week old electric blue acara just been introduced into the main tank and doing great , 12 still happy with the adults waiting for there new homes .. apart from Kong one fry who il be keeping (not pictured)who il be posting there growth in the...
  3. Guyb93

    4 weeks since hatching

    Week 4 and the blue has definitely started to come through more and they are probably three quarters of an inch , getting very tempted to do a test and take one and put it in my big tank ... see what happens, it took me a while but I have 18 down from 24 over the 4 weeks I don’t think that is...
  4. Guyb93

    3weeks since hatching

    It’s been 3 weeks tomorrow since they hatched and they haven’t grew much since last week maybe 2mm but some features are starting to come through, Noticed a there dorsal fins starting to become more pronounced and finally a little bit of blue is creeping through
  5. Guyb93

    What’s the best option

    Ok I currently hve 20+ two week old electric blue acara in a 40l tank , my breeding pair in the main tank have just laid again and will hatch in around 3 days normally, the presence of the fry in the tank cause a little mayhem as it’s community and they just get eaten but parents try very hard...
  6. Guyb93

    2 weeks since hatching

    I’m starting to realise why I couldn’t find a week by week growth rate for electric blue acara anywhere now ... this is week two and it’s the same as week one almost I can see the difference in size they are probably 1cm now lol maybe week 3 will show a better change , I also fed them lobster...
  7. Guyb93

    One week from hatching

    On Christmas Eve my electric blue acara had there eggs hatch .. again . they have stopped eating them but in a community tank they never survive and creates a lot of aggression when they protect them so I waited for them to hatch and removed most the fry One week later here they are Eyes are...
  8. C

    Electric Blue Acara breeding questions

    Hi there- I am new to the forum, and new to fish breeding, which is why I am looking for some guidance and insight on my fish. I have a community tank with 2 electric blue acara, a few tiger barbs, and some algae eaters. I never sought out to breed the EBA, however nature took its course and we...
  9. Guyb93

    First time raising fry

    I’m having a go a raising electric blue acara fry, my pair been breeding for a while and iv always left them to it but this time I’m pinching half of them lol , so far I have around 50-100 of them in a 4 litre bottle floating in my tank with an air pum and air stone just in the bottle , I hve...