1. FishyPapa

    My New Homemade Co2 Generator/diffuser

    This was just an experiment after reading some sites and seeing some youtube videos. Bottles are 2000ml from my lab CO2 diffuser inside tank (not visible in photo) is a nalgene tube with end cut off stuffed with filter material from my Betta tank DIY filter. Powered by yeast, suger, and water. I...
  2. Maddy

    Diy Lighting With Cfl Bulbs... Opinions?

    Alright so I've seen some people doing their own DIY light fixtures using CFL bulbs for their aquariums. I was thinking I would try this since it's super cheap and I am also cheap so I'm not about to spend a ton of money on lighting. I'm new to all of this so of course I bought tons of...
  3. Zikofski

    Fish Tank Cabinet Diy Project

    Hello all and welcome to my new project, an 88L tank, which is going to be my new planted nano tank with a few small fish. But firstly I will be building a cabinet for it, this will be made of solid pine wood, with 18mm thick pine panel's on the outside hopefully it will look stunning once...
  4. S

    Diy Nano Build!

    So I was on site today, speaking to one of the window fitters, when he mentioned that someone had ordered too many panes of glass, I joked that id take them off him, to my surprise he said take them. So I've got them home, 4 of them and measured them. All of them are the same size, 481mm x 372mm...
  5. D34DLY

    Diy Aquarium & Vivarium Stand

    Ok so I went away from the ideas of a complicated corner design with a diagonally-shaped aquarium tank, I "suppose" these "were" out of my price range. (I was quoted around £500+ for the fish tank only!) Instead, I took a different approach - Dual stands! Just for those unaware, dual...