1. J

    Uv lights effectiveness /diatoms

    hello I am considering getting a uv light. I am having some diatoms appear and hair algae in my established 29 gallon. How effective are uv lights and are there any better options?
  2. Coloursfly

    Vortex Diatom filter/System 1 filter

    Well, this may not seem like a newbie question but it is ;) I have done a bit of reading on tropical tanks recently, and to 'clean & polish' a tank I read that diatom filters were amazing. I have a bit of cloudy water, and recent additions seems to shows some spot which appear to be ich. I have...
  3. S

    fish identification and diatom algae issue

    I picked up a ram chiclid 3-4 months ago. They had the fish labeled as a German Blue Ram. However it's not coloring up and I'm not sure if this is because of bad breeding or if it might be either a Bolivian ram or gold ram instead. He does have a black spike on his front dorsal fin, although the...
  4. Fish-mates

    Dark green algae/diatom bloom on wood

    A change from T8's to Led lights plus the addition of an external filter triggered a diatom bloom. I was happy to wait it out till some black beard algae appeared on wood in the tank. I took the wood out, poured hot water on it and gave it a good scrub. The wood's been back in the tank less than...
  5. S

    Circulation And Diatoms

    I recently started a 20 gal long planted aquarium. I have had many aquariums but this is the first one I have had fully stocked with live plants, so I am new to the planted tank world. It has been up and running (and cycled) for about 8 weeks and no plants seem to be flourishing.  I have a T5...
  6. W

    Brown Diatoms Help Thanx

    hello ive had a marine tank setup for 5_6years now, which includes lots of live rock, sand bed, 3 bubbletips, 2 clowns, 1 yellow tail blue damsel, 54litre tank, arcadia 21watt led strip light, 3000wave maker powerhead and fluval exturnal filter with all ceramic, floss, carbon, nitrates remover...
  7. DerpPH

    Diatoms And Green Spot Algae Problem

    I set up my nano tank 1 month ago. Right now im having problems with algae. Will an otto do tue work for me or do I still have to clean it up myself?