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  1. B

    My 30 Litre Tank.

    Hey Guys,   Thought i would start some updates of my tank, this is the first tropical tank i have set up, so any advice or ideas would be appreciated, i also think it would be cool in the future for me to look back on this, when i first started dealing with tropical fish.   So, some basic info...
  2. CrazyDiamond88

    Pygmy Corydoras; Cutest Things Ever?

    I'm totally head over heels for mine. They're friggin adorable. They live in a 12 gallon (8 of them) with my betta, Kasai.
  3. CrazyDiamond88

    Feeding Facepalm

    My betta lives with 8 pygmy corys in a cycled 12 gallon tank.   The cory I got just a few days ago. They are all getting along fine with each other which is a relief.   Anyway, I am trying to work out what/how to feed them, without overfeeding my gluttonous betta, who is currently bumbling...
  4. A

    Please Help! Sick Cory, Skin Peeling Off!

    Request Help Tank size: 25ltr pH: 7.5 ammonia:0 nitrite:0 nitrate:20ppm kH:? gH:? tank temp: 26C (Im from Uk, this is celsius)     Fish Symptoms (include full description including lesion, color, location, fish behavior):   The cory looks as tho her skin is peeling from her body, she just lies...
  5. B

    12 Mixed Community Fish For Sale - Bedford

    Hi all I am looking to sell my entire stock of freshwater tropical fish as I am closing my tank down. All fish are healthy and it would be great for them to all go to the same home. If you are able to help me achieve this then you have the lot for £25.00 Livestock: Angelfish Quantity for...
  6. sharkydog

    Java Moss

    I am thinking of creating a landscape-look for my tank and was wondering if java moss can grow on/in sand? I have seen that Java moss is often used to create a 'grass' type look and it seems like it doesn't need much to thrive. I've read that a few people buried their java moss partway into the...
  7. C

    I Have 2Albino And 2 Peppered Corys, Should I Buy More Peppered Or Mor

    Hi :) i have 2 albino and 2 peppered corys :D should i buy more peppered or more albino? They all school together so far and they all seem to like eachother :3 But the only problem is i have room for only 2 more before my tank is fully stocked, should i buy one more of each or 2 pepered or 2 albino?
  8. Mylesmom08

    Can You Id These Eggs? Catfish?

    Hey guys, long story short I was just getting ready to plant new plants and turned over my driftwood to spot these two little guys. I have no idea what sort of eggs these are, im not trying to breed anything?  lol the only thing I can think of is my false juliee (sp?) corydoras because the...
  9. CrazyDiamond88

    Non-Cory Tank Mates For My Betta?

    My tank is about 14.5G and I want to put some tank mates in with my male betta.   I was thinking of getting some dwarf corydoras, but here's the thing.    I am aquascaping my tank and I want to cover the whole of the bottom with plants.    I know cory cats like sand, so I was thinking if I cover...
  10. tmoney7

    Pygmy Corydoras Odd Behavior

    So i just got 6 new pygmy corydoras for my 10 gal tank and i was just wondering if there were any signs or things they might do if they are not doing so great.  I know that if there is not enough oxygenation in the water then you will see them go to the top and and almost bite at the air, which...
  11. D

    Cory And Gourami Questions...

    Hey all!   I've currently got a 200L tank (roughly 50-ish ?US? gallons) which I'm planning on converting into a tropical community setup. (At the moment it's housing some goldfish, which will be going on a permanent vacation to my aunt's house, lol. ) The specs are: 122cm(L) 36.5cm (D) 45cm(H)...
  12. FungusTrooper

    Cory Trilineatus Refusing To Eat

    Hey guys,   I got two new cory trilineatus for my trilineatus/betta tank the other day. Both showed signs of stress, as can be expected, but right now I'm watching my original two and one of the new ones chowing down on a sinking shrimp pellet together. However, the other new one isn't fairing...
  13. FungusTrooper

    Need An Id

    Hi guys.   Just went to the LFS to pick up some more corys for our tank - we had some already but the numbers weren't enough, yadda yadda. Anyway, they had a donated cory. The guy thought it was a julii, but I don't think so. I want to get him some buddies, but don't know what he is!     Any...
  14. Billiemay

    Strange White Algae, Worm Thing.. Helpp

    I have cycled my tank and all the levels were good I added 2 albino Corydoras yesterday and today I have these white things growing they look like the white fluffy things on dandelions and there also was what looked like a white worm sort of thing very tiny moving on my glass, my betta is due to...
  15. K

    Eggs Laid, What To Do?

    I have 4 cories. 2 albino, one leopard and one emerald green.  I noticed little white eggs all over the tank. Some on the front panel of the glass (where the filter flows right over) and then on plants around that area of the tank. I have livebearer Mollies and one pleco in this tank as well. I...
  16. S

    Corydoras Eggs?

    I have peppered and Julii corydoras in a 120L tank aswell as a some Rummynose teras. I have recently found some yellow spherical objects which I assume are eggs, the peppered cories eggs. Somehow I'm not sure whether or not these eggs will survive. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  17. Sophie

    260L Juwel Vision Re-Do

    So, being 5 months pregnant now, I wanted to get my tank as low maintenance as possible for myself as well as ready to move to my new house in a few easy steps. I kind of went a little crazy, got rid of most of my plants and ended up going from this:     To this:     Moved a ton of stuff...
  18. K

    Hi Everyone

    Hi, I'm Kirstie and I've been keeping fish for about 3 years. I have recently upgraded my tank to a 110 litre one and added bogwood as I've always wanted a bristlenose. I currently have 3 danios (2 zebra and 1 pearl), 2 corydoras sterbai, 2 female platys and 6 baby platys. I'm sure I'll have...
  19. S

    New Tank - What Lighting Is Required?

    Hey, I've recently set up a new 120L - 30G tank I've had it been cycling now for awhile I have everything except the lights. I'm planning to have a corydoras tank with cardinals. I want a low lighting setup I've heard of the 1 watt per gallon rule. I'm still unsure of what lights to buy. I also...
  20. S

    Setting Up A New Cory Tank

    Hey,   I'm planning on setting up a cory tank in a Juwel Rio 240 it's 240 litres that's roughly 66 or so gallons for you Americans. I was thinking about going with black pool filter sand for the substrate. I'm curious to find out other peoples opinions on the best species to get and how many I...