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  1. Robbo89

    Diy Co2 System

    So I'm looking at giving one a shot while I've got a few weeks off from school.   I don't really have any plants which require c02:   Anubias barteri (in a few days) Hygrophilia Corkscrew Val Crypt Wendtii   but am looking at maybe adding some Rotala Wallichii which I hear does require c02 and...
  2. ech0o

    Once And For All, Liquid Co2 Vs. Injection!

    I have an unopened bottle of CO2 booster+ sitting here on my desk, and have done quite a bit of forum surfing finding SO MANY MIXED REVIEWS buried across 40 forums.  So here it is, is the chemical used in the product really "safe" for my fish, and furthermore is it safe for me to even be...
  3. M

    New To Plants, Advice Wanted... (Many Questions)

    Hi guys, I'm still a fish noob however, I'm really into fish keeping now, and I want to advance myself into live plants, sorry but I have quite a few questions... This is what iv ordered...
  4. R

    Safely Lowering Ph

    My ph is above 8 in my freshwater 500ltr tank, how can I keep it reduced for my co2 .... Is R O the answer ,if so can I do half r o and half tap water to keep in minerals and the ph to 7.5 approximate ?
  5. FishyPapa

    My New Homemade Co2 Generator/diffuser

    This was just an experiment after reading some sites and seeing some youtube videos. Bottles are 2000ml from my lab CO2 diffuser inside tank (not visible in photo) is a nalgene tube with end cut off stuffed with filter material from my Betta tank DIY filter. Powered by yeast, suger, and water. I...
  6. Zikofski

    Review Of The New & Old Up Inline Diffuser

    Comparison and Review on the new and old UP Inline Diffuser's   When i entered the world of Injected Co2 i did some research and came across lots of diffusers some internal some external and inline with the filter, now considering i already had an inline heater and wanted to keep equipment...
  7. conrad9900

    420L Planted Co2 Injected Custom Tank!

    build log.... Tank: custom 400l bow front tank Size: 150cm(l)x50cm(w)x60cm(h) Filter: JBL cristalprofi 1500e(1500l/h) Hood: custom hood Light: custom dual light unit Stand: Light Mahogany 150x50x70 Tank floor: JBL manado substrate 25kg/JBL pro flora fertilizer soil 10kg/Fine white sand 25kg...
  8. aaronc

    Back After A Few Years Away - A Few Questions :)

    Hi All!! After a few years away from the hobby, I am busy plotting my return :) I had to get rid of my tank and all of my kit when I moved apartments 3 years ago, was gutted. Moving to a new place in May and plan to treat myself to a moving in present in the form of a new tank. I want to go...