cloudy / milky water.

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  1. P

    Major Water Clarity Problem

    Recently I've been having a huge issue with the clarity of my tank's water. I have a semi-planted tank with 5 different plants in it. I did a normal water change about a week ago and suddenly the tank is extremely cloudy. It was completely clear before. I've used a water clarifier and it hasn't...
  2. Rachealmax

    Cloudy water. Need help!

    Hi guys so today is day 4 off cloudy water. I have just done day 3 off water change and water doesn’t look any better! Tank is 240 litres (55 gallons approximately). I have tested water and everything is fine and all within range. Tank is approximately 6 months old and this is the first time...
  3. A

    PLEASE HELP planted tank cloudy water dead fish

    Okay HI I have a planted tank using organic soil that is technically used for plants like tomatoes. But I’ve had this tank for over 9 months because I got it on my birthday last year and it’s a 10 gallon fluval tank with special lights for plants and a built in filter. Now it’s been ruining...
  4. M

    Cloudy water, no fish, please help?

    Hello, I’ll start by saying i am a massive beginner in this hobby and i’m just looking for some help :) My tank is a 10 gallon tank with a filter, heater, and bubbler. it has four fake plants and a piece of wood, all of which were rinsed thoroughly with water. the gravel is from petco, and was...
  5. CozyCat

    A huge improvement...

    For months this tank that sits on my desk set up in September last year, has been cloudy. I could not work out why it was going cloudy even after water changes and clarifying treatments. The image below shows how bad the cloudiness got, there is a large piece of wood in the middle left...
  6. CozyCat

    Please help! Cloudy water

    Hi I set this tank up in September 2021 and have been dealing with cloudy water since late November. The filter sponges constantly clog with brown gunk and you can't see the back of the tank let alone the big piece of driftwood that's suppose to be in the middle. A layer of brown gunk coats...
  7. S

    Milky cloudy water

    Only have had my tank set up for a couple weeks and have had nothing but issues really. Finally we thought the tank was all good after treating with stability and ammonia but woke up yesterday with cloudy tank water. We went to pet shop and had water tested. Everything was good except for the...
  8. D

    Cloudy water after 3 days

    Hello everybody! I’ve always been a fan of aquariums and fish keeping for a few years and I finally decided to buy a fish tank, I bought a 20 gallon fish tank. It has a tetra internal power filter 10-30 gallons. I set up the fish tank a few days ago and it was all clear until when I woke up this...
  9. A


    First post here guys. I've had the tank on the right for a good while now 8 months. Seems to be well established. I have 10 guppy's, 1 male Betta and God knows how many cherry shrimp. Everyone seems to get along just fine. But I've had this persistent cloudy grey water for 2/3months. Comes and...
  10. O

    Cloudy Tank

    I have had a small 2.5 gallon Tank with a single betta for about two months. When I first cycled it, I noticed whitish cloudiness in the water. I have read on several forums that this is normal and should go away on its own. I added my betta after a week and have conducted regular cleanings and...
  11. M

    Cloudy water....2 days after setting up aquarium

    Hi, I am sure this is a really simple mistake on my part but was hoping someone could give me some advice. I set up my 180 litre aquarium a couple of days ago and I washed the gravel thoroughly and the driftwood. All was looking great but then I added the tap safe and no ammonia solutions as...
  12. G

    Bacterial bloom

    I dirted and reworked my tank about 3 weeks ago, and I've got some heavy clouded water on my hands. It's been there for over 2 weeks now, and I'm unsure what to do. I've done a lot of water changes, but it's not helping. I also have a UV filter, but the bulb seems to be out. Ammonia and nitrite...
  13. P


    hey, I’m new to this site and keeping tropical fish. Was wondering if someone could help, I’ve had my tank set up for 4 days and the last couple a days the tanks became cloudy. Is this normal? The only things in the tank is gravel on the bottom and three plastic plants. I’m adding moss balls...
  14. P

    New and waters getting cloudy... should I be worried?

    Hi, I’m relatively new to all this. I’ve bought a 80L aquarium and currently only have some gravel and plastic plants in here. I’m getting some moss balls tomorrow to add to it. I got the tank 5 days ago and the water was clear for 2 days but now seems to be cloudy. Not majorly but noticeable...
  15. S

    Third Day Of Fishless Cycle.

    I'm on the third day of my fishless cycle and yesterday the water started to turn milky / cloudy, I added 5-6 ppm of ammonia, my tap water Ph is 7.6 . Is this a bacteria bloom and how long will it last cause I've heard it just clears back to crystal clear water