1. E

    Light Recommendations For 6 Ft Tank

    I have a 120 gallon and will be starting my fishless cycle very soon. It's 72 inches across and I need some lights. I could get 3x 24inch lights, or 2x 36inch lights. I'm wondering if I should go LED or just stick to good old Florescent. I might have a few plants, but the plant needs will be...
  2. dazbud

    Ballast Replacement - All Ponds Solutions

    Anyone know how to access the T5 ballast in an All Ponds Solutions Cabinet Tank. The model number is HRX1000H. Two of my lights gone out and think it may be the ballast. (I'm hoping its the ballast).
  3. Dandx13

    New Tank Lighting? Bulbs?

    Hi everyone, I am starting a 125 gallon tank (about 4ft x 2ft x 2ft), which is days from being done cycling. This is my first big tank (I have two established tanks but they're 10 and 20 gallons) I have one light on the top of my tank and i've just started to think it isn't powerful enough for...
  4. S

    Replaced Bulbs.. Now Algae :(

    Hi all, Hope you can help, my tank was looking very dull and tired and so it was time for me to get back into it. I replaced my bulbs with a couple from lamp specs, I went for 1x grolux and a 880 Philips, at the same time I also purchased an 865 and 845 to test out the colour combinations. I...