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  1. S

    Baby guppies staying at top of tank

    Hi all, in my 54 litre tank I currently have 6 zebra danios, 3 amano shrimps and 4 guppies (three of which are babies - around 3 months old) and the tank has been cycled for around 10 months now. The readings from the tank are: 0.25 ammonia (can never get it below this), 0 nitrite and around...
  2. T

    Suspected dwarf gourami illness PLEASE HELP!!

    So I bought 2 dwarf gouramis about 5 months back and after around a week one died. I put this down to stress as I didn't see any symptoms, he just died but now, the remaining one has recently had a long string of white poop coming out of him constantly so I fed mashed peas for a few days. We now...
  3. RezKat

    Betta is at bottom of tank

    Hi was wondering if anyone can help. I have a 20 litre tank, temp at 24C with filter and pump. My tank has a Albino catfish, Platy and a Betta. The betta recently has been on the ground and not moving alot, iv noticed over the past few weeks his tail looked shredded now it is short, his fins...
  4. K

    Male Platy Always Hiding Around The Bottom Of The Tank

    I've had two Platies for about a month now and all was good. My female actually just died yesterday from getting stuck in a VERY small "window" in one of my decorations. Very sad.  I've gradually been adding some fish once in a while such as a dwarf gourami, a honey gourami, a cory, and...
  5. W

    Ready To Set Up Tank

    I have been away from fish for a few years and have a question about the equipment I'm setting up.  Got a new 36 gal Aqueon  bow front tank and as I am getting it out of the box I notice it's designed so the bottom glass will not make contact with the stand. The bottoms of the tanks I use to...
  6. G

    Stocking A 18X10X10 (25-29Ltr Ithink) I No Its Small

    hi guys i have a new aquarium set up already for my mum its a clearseal 18,10,10 its small ino but i dnt want her overwelmed with the requirments of larger tanks just yet i order a internal filter with spray bar to cut the flow for a i no r gunna be small fish i would like a 3 species set up...
  7. FB333

    Okay.. What Is This..?

    Hi all,   I have been performing a fishless cycle on my 25l tank now for 5 days.   Here is the thread covering it, to date, with all water levels and details etc etc.    In a nutshell:   Added a 1/2 dose of tetra safestart then added 3ppm  of ammonia.   The following day the ammonia level was...
  8. rhinoman763

    Tropical Fish Laying On Bottom Of Bowl...sick?

    I have a tropical fish.  I am not sure what type or anything about it really.  Someone left it and I felt bad for it so I have been attempting to care for it.  I am feeding it tropical fish flakes and I change the water every so often.  It is in a single bowl by itself.  For about a week, it has...
  9. J

    Bala Shark Sitting At Bottom Of Tank Not Moving

    Hello, I'm new to this forum so please excuse me if I'm posting this in the wrong pleace, but I just had a question about one of my bala sharks.  Last week I bought 3 bala sharks, and I currently have them in a 10 gallon tank.  I realize this tank is much too small, but I was misinformed at the...
  10. W

    Black Molly Sitting On Bottom Of Aquarium Help!

    Hi everyone! Yesterday I bought 2 guppies (female) and 2 mollies (male and female) for my new tank. It has been cycling for over one month without fish and since then the ammonia levels have reached zero. Yesterday the fish were happily swimming around, however my Black Molly seemed to be the...
  11. alexpb22

    Balloon Molly Sitting On Bottom Of Tank? Not Happy :-(

    Hi, I've just joined this forum as I'm looking for some advice regarding one of my Balloon Mollies. I have the Fluval Edge tank (I know it's not great), I only have two female balloon mollies in there and they have been there for a few months now. They were both happy at first although one of...