bn pleco

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  1. C

    Do plecos make noises?

    This is a strange one. I have a smaller 60l tank in my bedroom and it is on the cabinet that is beside my bed. I for a while kept just neon tetras cherry shrimp and peppered corys in it and all was grand at night. However I have very recently added a small bristlenose pleco and now the...
  2. Circus

    New LF Green Dragon BN Pleco

    I was wondering around my lfs today and saw a fish I have been wanting for awhile. A Long Finned Green Dragon Bristlenose Pleco! It is the first set out of a local breeder, so used to the city water. This one is so tiny, so I am growing him out in one of my oldest tanks, a 10 gallon with Florida...
  3. Circus

    80 Gallon Goldfish Tank a d Tankmates

    So I am setting up an 80 gallon for goldfish. I was thinking I wanted 5 goldfish, with some tank mates. What are my options? Ph around 7.4 and hardness tends toward 110 ppm. It would be an unheated tank, so think 68 to 70 °F. I was thinking 3 Hoplo catfish and a BN Pleco.
  4. Circus

    Longfin Green Dragon Bristlenose Pleco

    I was at my LFS today to get a filter, and saw they had a bunch of Longfin Green Dragon Bristlenose Pecos. I REALLY want one, so I am going to rearrange my tanks tomorrow to find room for one. The tank I want to put him in is a 20 gallon high tank, it has a Quietflow 30 on it. Ph at 7.4 and my...
  5. Geordie Paul

    BN Peco behaviour

    Hey all its been a while since I've posted because my 34 gallon is finally stocked and all was well. However, my juvenile bushynose pleco (I got when he was just weeks old.) is about 4 months now, and is the tank bully. Still not sure of the sex because it's still young. When he eats, he hogs...
  6. Circus

    Natural Coloration?

    Do bn plecos change colors? My female, when I got her last week, was a mottled dark brown but was a different color when I did my daily check up on the qt tank. Now she is more of a chocolate color with vanilla swirls. Is this a sign of sickness, or just her natural coloration coming out now...
  7. Circus


    Am I underfeeding my female BN Pleco? I give her 1/2 of a sera spirulina tablet every other day. I put the tab in front of her and she quickly gobbles it up. I target feed her and make sure the cardinal tetra in the tank with her don't steal it. She always finishes it in under a minute, does...
  8. Circus

    Sudden Pleco Death

    I am very upset since Shuffle was one of my favorite fish, and only my 2nd death and first unknown death. He is an albino bristlenose pleco in my 29 gallon subtropical tank. It has been looking much chubbier than usual, but I assumed that was just him eating more than usual, since I have been...
  9. Demeter32

    Breeding/Raising Bristlenose Plecos

    Finally got eggs from my bristlenose pleco pair. Dad's a long finned normal colored young adult. Bought him at the pet store when he was tiny, only 6$. Mom's a full grown albino short finned female I received from the pet store owner. They've been flirting and digging pits near the caves...