air pump

  1. metropolis93fan

    Best sponge for 10 gallon with chemical filtration? QUIET Air pump?

    It never used to bother my betta having a HOB filter but lately he won't go on that side of the tank. He's healthy.... eating fine... but if I can find a good sponge filter that has chemical filtration for a 10 gallon tank... as well as a QUIET air pump... I'd really like to switch him over to a...
  2. V

    How long should I leave on the air pump?

    I don't want it on 24/7 as it creates quite a lot of noise. I wrapped a towel around it to make it quieter, but the noise is noticeable. Every few minutes it turns itself off for a few seconds before coming back on.
  3. andreisdabest

    Air stone / air pump questions

    Do i need an air pump / air stone in a 10 gal /38l tank that has a small-ish filter (aqua one clearview 200 HOB), 2 mollies and lots of Red cherry shrimp Thanks A
  4. S

    Reducing Air Pump Power/Flow

    Hi There I have a 20 litre nano tank which came with an Aqua One Air Pump, as the tank has a built in filter compartment at the back. Now, previously I had a Betta fish in this tank and even though I had the pump on the lowest setting, it was truly blasting out. I DIY'ed a solution by...
  5. Louise Charlton

    Air pump

    Hi I’m new her and desperately seeking answers or ideas. I have an 80cm air bubble curtain and an aqua one infinity 950 air pump. Only the middle of the air curtain works. As the air pump has 2 outlets on it, I was looking at getting another air pump and wanted to know if I got a 2 splitter...
  6. T

    Will my sponge filter work.

    Hey I'm just wondering, can you use a sponge filter with a water pump. I've already got a water pump spare big enough for the tank I'm gonna set up, I'm thinking about picking up just a simple sponge filter and pulling water through the sponge filter using the water pump. Will this work it's...
  7. N


    My name is Noel ,I've had a tropical tank or two for about 10 years and currently have a 2 meter 400 litre tank in the lounge with South American cichlids ,uaru x2 Oscars x3, Severums x4 pearl X11 ,Texas x1,rainbow x2,convicts x6,silver dollars x5, Hoplo cats x2 sail fin plec x2 ,and a few on...
  8. MarieEJohn

    Tetra Tec Internal Filter

    Hi everyone. Hope someone can help. Please does anyone know if you can attach the air hose from tetra tec internal 800 filter directly to an air pump or should you leave it hanging.
  9. Boris_yo

    New Air Pump Came Without Tube. What To Do?

    Hello!   Received my new 1.8W air pump today from China but without tube:     Is this appropriate when ordering air pump? I thought they are assumed to come with tube?   Here's my old air pump barely working but with tube:     Can I use old one? If I can use it, how am I to take it off from...
  10. Boris_yo

    Did My Air Pump Degrade In Efficiency?

    Good day. I think my air pump degraded in efficiency because it initially it pulled air bubbles from both sides (of airstone?) and now it is from left side. Today after cleaning aquarium, it even pulled air bubbles intermittently. My air pump was always set on its highest power by the way and...
  11. B

    Protein Skimmer Air Pump Question

    So I got my protein skimmer today... turns out it is an Oceanic Biocube Skimmer.  Wasn't labeled as that though, but it was like 30 bucks so I took it.  Sadly no returns, and I'm not interested in buying another one.  I checked the air pump and it said CAP 21 gph, so basically I'm gonna get...