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  1. 3

    New multifaciatus tank :)

    100L multi tank - 8 little fellas In there, thought I’d show everyone a picture and see what they thought. Just a little air pump hooked up, as well as an aqua one nautilus 600 pump doing it’s job well.
  2. J

    Please Help ID/Sex These New Peacocks

    Picked up a bunch of Peacock's today, except no.5 cant remember the species now for the life of me, but not too sure on the species of a few as they were all just labelled as "Assorted Peacocks", other than the OB's. Thinking all of them are males due to the pointed dorsals but if you could ID...
  3. Inkweaver313

    Moving with fish?

    Hi. I honestly didn’t know where to post this so I’m sorry if this isn’t the right place. Currently I have (approximate sizes) a 5 inch long, 8 inch long and 11 inch long comet goldfish, a 4 inch long black Moore, 6 African cichlids, and a male betta. In January, I’m going to be moving from...
  4. C

    Jack Dempsey with Other Cichlids

    I have two fish tanks, a thirty gallon that consists of an Electric yellow cichlid, a Kenyi cichlid, and 2 peacocks, all in the range of about 3.5 inches. I also have a 55 gallon tank only with a jack Dempsey. The cichlids don’t seem to be doing to well in the 30 gallon, mostly hiding and such...
  5. C

    African Cichlid 195G, 750L Tank, Please help me Stock witch Suggestions

    I've gotten a new 200 gallon tank (heating, lighting, filtration, decor, the whole shebang); once it's cycled, I'd like to make it an African Cichlid community tank. Does anybody have any ideas for a good combination of African cichlids? "I´d love very bright and vibrant colors :) And how many...
  6. Fiji

    55 Gallon Re-stocking 2.0

    Hey everyone. So long story short the rest of my rainbowfish have recently passed from a unidentifiable disease which has not affected the other fish in my tank to my knowledge. The current stock at the moment is: 2 juv. clown loaches, 1 bn pleco, 1 synodontis, 1 Siamese algae eater (NOT...
  7. crunch7

    Colour enhanced Hormones African cichlids

    Recently I purchased few African cichlids for my 60 gallon community tank. I have found out that they have been subject to colour enhancement hormones. I would like to know if the fish will be able to recover to natural colour if at all it becomes dull and whether the hormone food have caused...
  8. E

    Mixing Boesmani, Cichlids, Rainbow Shark, Petricola

    I'll soon be starting a new aquarium with a view to moving most of my current fish in, and, since falling in love with Petricola Catfish, i've started thinking about adding some African Cichlids as i hear they are ideal tankmates. My question is, can i mix my current fish with African Cichlids...
  9. E

    New 125 gallon tank, lost 5 fish in 3 weeks

    So I recently bought a used 125 gallon tank. Cleaned it up real nice with zero chemicals. Transferred majority of water from my 55 gallon tank (cycled) and still using the same cycled filter on my 55 so I know I have plenty of beneficial bacteria. I did add a lot more decorations, but dunked...
  10. crunch7

    Colour Enhanced Fish Using Hormones. Myth Or A Reality

    Hi All, I have brought few fish under the impression that they are Blue mooriis, but a friend suggests that the ones I have brought are a mix breed and may have been fed colour enhancers. I am attaching a picture ( sorry for the pixelation I tired to get better shots), can anyone advice basis...
  11. joselito.rd

    Columbian Sharks Help

    Hi, I have an aquarium for a few years now with African cichlids and 4 Columbian sharks, As a beginner I didn't know that this catfish where brackish fish. So far the sharks have grown a lot but also have the cichlids and these are now attacking the sharks, because sharks are so big not petshop...
  12. D

    New To This Cool Forum

    Hi all, So happy to have found this site. Nice to be on the same wave length as others on the planet. You guys rock!!   I am in the initial stages of cycling an approx100 gallon tank which I hope will make a home for  some Mbuna cichlids. The nitrogen cycle is at the stage where ammonia is...
  13. Ellphea

    Stocking For All Male Mbuna Tank

    I have a 55 gallon all male mbuna tank. I am looking to add a few more fish species to the mix as mine are all still juvies.  Here is what I currently have: Melanochromis johanni (electric blue johanni) Labidochromis caeruleus (Electric yellow labido) Melanochromis auratus Maylandia zebra (red...
  14. N

    My 50G Mbuna Rescape

    Hi all! Finished re-scaping my 50G and wanted to share the update!  Attached is the video on YouTube and I'd like to see what you think.  Thanks.  
  15. monahan95

    Another Species Identification

    Bought this today, can someone help me identify it please?  
  16. F

    Fish Compatibility With African Cichlids

    I have a 75g aquarium with about 18 african cichlids a crayfish and some snails. Some of the african cichlids are demasoni, acei, labs, etc. the temp is about 82 degrees with a ph of 8-8.2. I did put some salt in as a buffer so it is slightly brackish. I was wondering what other fish could go in...
  17. RyanRuxpin

    Could Someone Please Tell Me What Cichlid This Is

    Hello, im new to this forum, anyways...i just got 3 new cichlids 2 bumblebees and an unknown fish(they had it labeled as a red empress(but i know it isnt a red empress...i think))  {it is the silver/black one in the picture i provided} Please help, I would like to know, just so i can research...
  18. leah2296

    Peacocks/haps/yellow Labs

    Hi all,   I've had an assortment of African cichlids for years and now my mbunas are getting too large and aggressive for my set up. I have mostly trewavsae, kenyi and johannis and they just spend the day terrorizing each other.   I am considering trying to trade my mbunas in for other colourful...
  19. leah2296


    Hi,   I've found many helpful answers on here and I finally decided to register!   I have several 10 year old african cichlids and I am currently in the process of moving them into a new house. ..Fingers crossed they all survive the move. I also have had figure eights, livebearers, bettas and...
  20. fishguy101

    Transforming 53 Gallon Aquarium

    I have a 53 gallon aquarium, and currently, it has fancy goldfish, but I am going to be taking the goldfish out, taking them to my dentist's office (which has a fish tank, but nothing in it). Then we are going to be putting african cichlids in. Here is the tank:  ...