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    What shrimps can be kept together?

    I have a 37 gallon tank and idk what to do with it! I’m thinking maybe getting a bunch of shrimp? If I did what ones can be kept together? I’d love to have a bunch of different colored shrimps. Also what can I house with them? And are green rasboras compatible?
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    I need help ASAP!

    Yesterday I did a very stupid thing and add algae fix to my flowerhorns tank. Within 30 mins he was sitting at the bottom and looked very lethargic so I did a 75% water change. He’s still very lethargic and barely moving and super swollen. He won’t eat. Idk what to do. I’m about to do another...
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    What’s this black stuff? Worried

    I’ve had my flowerhorn for about three weeks. He’s only about 6 inches so he’s still very young. Yesterday I noticed on his face (and only his face) he has some black marks??? Is this just coming in as part of his pattern or is something wrong? All my water parameters are good. Ph 7.6 temp 84...
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    moss question

    so I am rescaping my 90 gallon tank as I am not happy with how it is now. I was at petsmart yesterday grabbing some plants and saw only ONE cup (its actually just a small circle) of what was labeled "assorted moss" and I bought it. It was the only one they had and I went to other petsmarts in...
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    cycle 90 gallon

    I currently have a 37 gallon tank, fully cycled. It only houses a 4 inch flowerhorn (hes just growing a bit and then will have his own large tank)... however im also starting a 90 gallon tank set up. The 37 gallon tank's filter is pretty small, it came with one that's attached to it however I...
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    help... not sure what to do now

    If it is the sand which does sound likely because I thought I cleaned it well but maybe it didn’t, how long does that take to settle on average? It’s just driving me nuts. I love clear water lol and also thanks everyone for ur answers!
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    help... not sure what to do now

    So I have a new 90 gallon tank. The SECOND i filled up my tank and turned on the filter the water has been soooo cloudy. Never even had a chance to get the "cloudy due to bacteria" stage. I feel like something mustve caused it? Its been this way now for 5 days (filled it 5 days ago). The water...
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    Any suggestions?

    If I grabbed my friends filter media and placed in mine could that help? My issue is that I wasn’t looking to buy a fish but I ran by the most beautiful flowerhorn I had ever seen in my life. The fish store allowed me to purchase it and place on hold but only for a week. So I don’t know what to...
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    Any suggestions?

    I started cycling my tank 11 days ago. It’s fishless but I did add ammonia (started at 2ppm) and api quick start. Tank is 37g. Ph is 7.6. Yesterday I went to a fish store and purchased a fish but won’t be getting him until this is cycled. While I was there the guy gave me about half a gallon of...
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    flowerhorn food?

    So I just bought a flowerhorn and pick him up within the week. What should I feed him? I do not care about the size of the hump on his head, but I would like something that could help his color. Right now he has BRIGHT colors and I LOVE it so much. Thanks in advance for suggestions!
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    stocking ideas for new tank... stuck

    my tank I think is 30 inches long and 22 in high. As for ph its about 7.8.... now I saw on a website that dwarf gourami's can be kept with bolivian ram's and also boesemani rainbows. Could I get all three for the tank? And if so, how many of each? For gourami's i'll probably do the honey or...
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    stocking ideas for new tank... stuck

    I am so stuck on what fish to get for my new 37 gallon tank. Right now its cycling so I am still only in the planning phase but every time I get a good idea for fish I do research and am told it wont work. I wanted cichlids originally, tank is too small. I wanted Gourami's but then males are...
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    new 37 gallon tank

    I have had a tank that's 37 gallons set up for about a week. It's still in the cycling process so I am doing my research on what fish I want to put in there. I never thought of owning Gourami's but I did just see a bunch at petco today and they were in all different colors and beautiful! If I...