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    Cheaper Substrate?

    HI, Been a member of this place for ages but due to life changes I had to hang up my aquarium kit for the last 4 years. Just thinking about getting back into the swing of things and was wondering if the soil sold to pot up pond plants can be used in an aquarium. I was thinking of putting a layer...
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    Water Storage For Water Change System

    Good point on the CO2. I do not believe that Chloramine is used by my water supplier, but will double check! Ta.
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    Water Storage For Water Change System

    The water butt will be located under the stairs behind a wall adjacent to the tank. The RO containers were a thought but they are too small. I've progressed the design a bit and have started planning the layout. Just got to figure out a safe water removal system to empty the tank now. It needs...
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    Water Storage For Water Change System

    Good point there. As I'm rather short on time at the moment and trying to get the tank up and running on a minimum maitenance schedule I think I'll stick to a once a week method. I also want to move away from buckets for reasons stated above! I've been researching water butts and they seem to be...
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    Water Storage For Water Change System

    I do a 25-50% water change, once a week. I find this the best way to keep my fish in tip top condition. I used to use a bucket myself but I have very poor water pressure in my new house and it would take forever to fill 15 buckets of water and I doubt it'd have the pressure to run a python...
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    Water Storage For Water Change System

    Hi, I'm looking into using a standard water butt to store and heat water for my water changes. The idea is to fill the butt with approx 150 litres of water and heat it with a standard 300W heater to the required temperature (the butt will be located indoors by the way). I will use a powerhead to...
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    Bga (cyanobacteria) And Lighting

    I had this problem for a few years, to the point where it made the whole room smell. I finally beat it by altering my lighting period. I have two sets of lights on the tank, 2x 40W T8s and 2x 54W T5s. Monday to Friday I have the T8s on for 8 hours a day with the T5s on for about 5 hours every...
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    Farlowella Requirements

    Thanks for the reply. I've never kept any catfish beyond some ottos so don't know too much about them except some catfish require bogwood to chew on as it contains something they need in their diet. I must admit to not liking bristlenose catfish. I just don't like the look of them although as...
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    Farlowella Requirements

    Just a quickie to ask if whiptailed catfish require bogwood in their tank. I'm looking at adding an algae crew, with whiptails being a part of that. Regards, WK
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    Tank In Direct Sunlight

    Yup, even slow growing plants would grow relatively quickly. If you are going to have fish in there too then make sure they are happy being blasted by sunlight all day. WK
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    Tank In Direct Sunlight

    My tank gets direct sunlight for about an hour a day at certain times of the year. When it does the plants go nuts. Almost instant pearling and, over the course of the few weeks the sun hits the tank directly the plants at one end of the tank double in size. Even with 180 watts of T5 and T8...
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    Ibar V's Juwel Highlight

    I'd go with the ibar. Any firm that comes out with a fitting that can only take it's own tubes is daft. Their range of tubes is also small and I guess at least as costly as the tubes available for the ibar. Overall, costs are likely to be similar yet with the ibar you have a greater possibility...
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    Co2 Diffusor Not Letting O2 Through

    If you have no luck when squeezing the bottle then I'd guess at a leak at some point along the tubing. When you squeezed the bottle, was it like squeezing a closed bottle (pressure builds up quickly and it gets hard to squeeze further) or was it relatively easy to crumple the bottle completely...
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    Lighting In A 12"x12"x12" Cube!

    What matters is not the type of light bulb/tube you use, more the quality of light it puts out. Aquarium lighting is generally produced to put out a specific light spectrum (mix of colours, or wavelengths of light if you want to be technical). Plants use more of the red and blue ends of the...
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    Sag. Subulata

    That's what I expected. I like the thinner 'blade' look of the stuff I have in my tank right now so hope the new plants will adjust over time. Thanks for the replies.