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    Best Low Light Plants?

    Agree with anubias, swords and java ferns for low light methods.  For me, anubias and swords have aged better than java ferns.  ~w~
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    Tank Still Not Cyced

    Agree with snazy's comments. Also be sure to run some tests on your tap water. It may be coming in with some ammonia itself. Another thing that sometimes skews things a bit is using a compact fluorescent light source when ready your API results - they are often a bit greenish and might make...
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    Bacteria Can Have 2 Types Of Biofilm

    More morning coffee reading... ~~waterdrop~~
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    My Tap Water Is Crazy High 2ppm

    In these situations it helps if you can manage more frequent but smaller volume gravel-clean-water-changes. This gives your immature bacterial colonies less excess to have to work on. Eventually they will become big healthy colonies and make quick work of the excess ammonia in your tap water...
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    Cycling 55-gallon; Pond Odor A Good Or Bad Sign?

    Once you get your good test kits you'll be able to follow the progress of your fishless cycle (sounds like that's what it is) much more closely. There are countless old threads in this new freshwater tank section that document the ups and downs of fishless cycling processes. I and many other...
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    Redtailed Shark

    The RTS is yet another of the many, many examples of the very confusing situations presented to beginners by a typical large retail display of tropical fish. Although I assume there are exceptions (rare retailers watching out for the special needs of the beginner,) most displays include large...
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    Is It Too Much

    I agree with the other members. It is a simple thing to get a decent liquid-reagent based test kit and take the mystery out of knowing what environment you are presenting for the fish. It might be fine, it might not. WD
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    Fishless Cycle

    Agree with GVG. The gentleman can "donate" up to 1/3 of the media from one of his filters and it should have little to no effect on the ongoing biofiltration of his existing tank. Taking a donation of media like this is much, much more effective than having a new filter run on an old tank (if...
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    Internal Vs External

    HaHa, yes GVG, the water has flowed through my filters for another year. Paranting and work life just getting in the way of my TFF time, you know how that can be! Actually looking forward to a water change today :) WD
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    New Tank Filtration

    Sounds like that was very helpful GVG, especially for people like you and me that don't have a room full of tanks and extra equipment, right? Do you think the motor aspect of the head unit on the Fluval burned out or something? I wonder how rare that is? WD
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    Water Treatments Question

    I agree with the other members. Seachem Prime (still on my first bottle, years later), good liquid-reagent based test kits. Plant nutrients depend on your plant approach. Less than 2 watts per gallon of light (skipping the details of that generalization) and you are usually doing "low-light...
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    Tetra Safestart

    Regardless of what you do with the bacteria in a bottle, be sure to study the articles carefully about being in a Fish-In Cycling Situation (that is what you'll be in, possibly for quite a while.) It can be quite hard work when done right but doing it right can help your fish come out with less...
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    Platy Acting Strange

    Sounds like you are on top of it. Sounds sick to me, not just "off."
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    Adding Mature Filter Media

    It really should't matter when. One certainly should be able to put the mature media right in (and I agree, put it such that the water flow goes through it first and then into your virgin biomedia, like your sponge)... And yet, for myself, I kind of like the idea of loading up everything...
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    Are You Supposed To Clean The Filter?

    Agree with essjay and GVG's comments about filters up there and elmo's comments about comparing tap test results with tank test results. The bacteria will attempt to build their biofilm structures virtually everywhere but the colonies will thrive and do the best where there is a steady flow of...