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    Rainbow shark tank size

    55 gallons would be the minimum for ONE rainbow shark on its own, NO tankmates. If you can't afford a tank big enough for the species of fish that you want to keep, then you shouldn't be keeping that species. Research, research, research!!!! Size, temperament, and preferred parameters are also...
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    How many female bettas in a 40g?

    0 to 1 female bettas.
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    Female betta companions?

    Bettas are a solitary, territorial species that prefer no tankmates. If she was like that with an amano, then she has likely now claimed the new tank as her territory and won't tolerate anything else in her space. Not to mention, the tank is far too small for tankmates.
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    What are you doing today?

    Getting lost in Elden Ring for half an eternity and then doing some pre-lab assignments for school. Oh, and a water change!
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    Bloated Betta

    She's very swollen and chunky, so she was likely getting too much food. Dried bloodworms are also not a good staple food for bettas because they have little nutritional value and expand in the stomach which can cause bloat/constipation issues. What size tank is she in? How often do you change...
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    black, white, blue, or no background at all for betta tank

    You could try covering only the back with black and use plants to block his reflection from the inside. By that, I mean placing some tall, dense plants (real or silk) close to the sides of the tank.
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    What's your favorite filter media

    Coarse filter sponge and ceramic rings for me.
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    Moving fish tank?

    I prefer to empty the tank as much as possible. I remove my fish first and place them in a 5 gal bucket with tank water. Then I take care of the tank stuff (moving, cleaning the substrate, filling it half with new water) then I add the fish and half the old tank water back. Boom. Done.
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    Elk hunting pictures

    That used to happen all the time in the National Park the elk photo was taken. That same bull regularly chased off tourists and cars that got too close to him/his ladies. Mess with the bull you get the horns/antlers lol.
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    Elk hunting pictures

    Thank you! Right? Such a magical place, it's even better the further away from town you get. This is what I'm working to get back to after I get my degree. I belong in the mountains :P
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    Elk hunting pictures

    They are used for wagon rides up to the steak fry site. The photo was shot in front of the barns of the ranch I worked at the time. :)
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    Elk hunting pictures

    Defintiely! During rutting season they tend to come really close to town to collect females.
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    Elk hunting pictures

    Didn't hunt him, just shot a photo ;)
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    Would anyone be interested.....

    Awesome! No, you wouldn't be under any time constraints or pressure. I'm way ahead of schedule with the profile and the project that it's a part of. I would really appreciate it if you could. I'll probably have it done by tomorrow or Monday. :) They are interesting snakes for sure, but the...
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    Would anyone be interested.....

    In reading the rough draft of my species profile for Storeria occipitomaculata (red-bellied snake)? Once I'm finished writing it of course. I would just love to get some thoughts and opinions on how I could improve it from members on here before I submit it. It's one small part of a much larger...