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    Upgrading To Larger Tank

    Sorry for my late reply.   The best I can guess is that it is lower than you are used to because it is spread out over much more water.   Don't forget also on many test kits nitrate can have a very subtle colour, making it hard to read the levels.   Again, sorry I'm late, but you seem to be...
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    Upgrading To Larger Tank

    It wouldn't be great for them in the long term to have temperature fluctuations if they are constant and large enough but I wouldn't worry about it if it's only a degree.   Were you measuring the temperature in the same part of the tank and is there a flow of water over the heater to distribute...
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    Upgrading To Larger Tank

    Get your new tank to the same temperature, de-chlorinate the water, and just transfer the fish and filter materials over, they'll be fine assuming there is nothing else wrong. In fact, if you transfer filter materials without the fish, your filter bacteria would die of starvation unless you fed...
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    Which Fish

    Just to chime in the Gourami discussion, female Pearls are usually pretty relaxed in my experience. The males are better looking, but I would only ever keep them with a couple of females because of potential aggression. I have a male with two females and have had absolutely no problems in a tank...
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    Need Help

    Not too clued up on Keyhole Cichlids so will leave that to other people, what i do know is that they are generally alright in communities but can be aggressive when breeding.   The Angelfish will probably kill each other if they are not paired together and if they are there is a good chance they...
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    Have Your Bettas Ever Gotten Along With Other Fish?

    Certain Betta's get along with certain types of other fish often enough. I would be willing to put (a lot of) money on the fact that any Betta you get will eat Molly fry, they will just be seen as live food.
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    Lighting Suggestions

    How silly of me, slipped my mind. Height- 20cm Width- 21cm Length- 36cm Measurements may be just a little off but not by more than a few mm. Techen - Looks like that could indeed work, I certainly like the idea. Livewire - I am going to keep Java Moss (maybe Java Fern) but seeing how the...
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    Lighting Suggestions

    Did not want to post this in the lighting topic as that tends to be for the more technical side of stuff.   To keep it short, i am looking for suggestions on how to light my tank, nothing too powerful or clever, just enough to see by:     Bonus Shrimp!:  
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    Is It Possible To Tell Roughly How Old Gourami's Are?

    Not any strict reasoning behind it but if i had to hazard a guess i would say they appear a bit on the young side, the younger ones always seem to have a certain look about them.
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    Probably A Silly Question :p

    Some fish (and inverts) live in brackish estuaries for their entire lives, salinity in these can vary from practically freshwater to practically saltwater.
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    Lfs Serious Problems Anyone?

    To give downright wrong information (whether deliberately or simply making it up as he goes along) is downright out of order. It would not be acceptable in any other industry (motor vehicle, computers, televisions, games consoles, cooking appliances are a few that i can think of off the top of...
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    Goldfish And Sororities

    I don't know the exact context or how it is where you are but i would imagine in a fair few places that counts as severe animal cruelty. Perhaps you should look into making an anonymous report to the appropriate authority.
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    'remember Me' Button Not Working

    Yea, any sort of privacy maintaining feature normally blocks cookies as standard, thus rendering many handy features such as that useless.
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    Dying Fish...

    A high pH should not cause fish to die like that unless it is ridiculously alkaline (to the strength of paint stripper or something) and if you try to change it chances are you will end up shocking the fish and destabilising the pH, doing far more harm than good. What exactly are all of your...
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    'remember Me' Button Not Working

    What browser are you using and is it possible you are in private/safe browsing mode?