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    What Corys Do I Have?

    Quite surprised by some of the prices mentioned on here. Around here you can pick them up for £3 or a maximum of £4 is the dearest i've seen them. Although they are a very nice coloured Cory who are very active and worth so much more!
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    Look What I Found In One Of My Lfs

    They haven't got any in at the moment but my LFS is well-known for all types of common and rare Cories. They always have something different in and they also post if it's to far for you to travel. Prestwood petzone on google and they will be at the top. You can see the stocklist on there...
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    Id Please

    He looks a little lonely do you have more in the tank with him?
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    Look What I Found In One Of My Lfs

    I bought a group of Cories from my LFS and they were labelled up as atropersonatus or 'Fairy Corydoras' and they do look exactly the same as the ones you have posted on here. I paid £3.99 a piece although there were only 4 of them left at the time my LFS reckon they should be able to get some...
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    Can You Identify My Corys

    Due to the snout on the cory in the third picture i believe it to be Corydoras Leopardus which grows a little larger than Trilineatus or Julii. I could be wrong as they normally have a prominent line on the flank but some have a non-existent one but the snout looks that way.
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    Powerhead Position And Flow.

    I used to run a 16gal nano which housed a small percula clown and remember having this problem myself. The tank had a maxijet 1200 and an interpet 400 if i remember rightly. I noticed that you added them recently and you will probably find that in another couple of days the clowns will...
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    Maintaining Correct Parameters

    How old is the setup? Sometimes it's hard to get a decent PH reading as the system stabilises although neither of those two readings you have is anything to be worried about too much especially if it is a system less than 6 months old.
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    Managing Games

    Looking on everyone who signed up, nice to see everyone still hangs around on TFF as well as SM! Feyenoord looking to move on up and make it 3 titles in 3 seasons in Division 2 before the big test for survival in Division 1 next season...!
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    Firefish Goby

    Here is another variety of the firefish regularly available (Purple Firefish):
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    How Much Is Too Much?

    Thanks for the recomendations, I've had a look into the AquaOne MC600 which looks perfect for what i'm after. A 10,000K 150w MH with 2 X 24W T5 Blue Acinics for £218....Delivered! Bargain if i ever did see one compared to the £300+ prices Arcadia are quoting! Thanks again Dan Heads off to...
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    I Hate Hydrometers!

    Just recalibrate your refractometer with a bit of fresh RO water every month and you should be fine :good:
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    I Hate Hydrometers!

    Thankfully you had no corals or livestock, the stuff that comes on LR is normally very hardy so i wouldn't imagine you'd of have much if any die-off :good:
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    How Much Is Too Much?

    Hi rabbut :) I live in the UK also and i just wondered what brand of name you recommend in halides? I'd be looking for a unit that has a 150w MH with 2X T5 blue acinics. I have to agree with you about Arcadia being the bees knees in T5 units, i had the 4 x 24W T5 overtank luminaire and i was...
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    Open Top Tanks

    One thing that i might add which can be increased through an open-top tank is surface scum so try and make sure you've got a decent amount of surface agitation to try and counter this problem, this will also help increase gas exchange allowing me 02 into the water :good:
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    Post A Picture Of Your Betta Tank!

    Just my little Arcadia Arc tank, nothing special just keeps me involved in fish-keeping while i'm busy! have 5 corys and a VT betta in there, very nice for a VT may i say...? :blush: (Tried to get picture but my camera skills are very poor!)