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    Breeding Tank

    All you need for a good breeding/fry raising tank is a sponge filter and java moss.
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    Lamp Eyes

    I don't know about lampeyes but golden wonders tend to usually hang out a the surface.
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    Lamp Eyes

    All killies are notoriously great jumpers. I would suggest getting some sort of lid.
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    What Species (If Any) Could Go In A 64L?

    You can have the option of quite a few species really. Is there any you have ever been interested in? Fundulopanchax Gardneri, Fp. Walkeri, and Clown Killies are a few you can look into.
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    Male Betta In A Community Tank

    Another aspect is personality. I had a betta in a 48 gallon community tank just fine with fish that had long fins (Long-fin skirt tetras, lyretail swordtails, etc) and some fish that even looked like other bettas (golden panchax killies). He never tried to attack anything, he was just a very...
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    Am I Doing Somrthing Wrong

    Hmmm, Gardneri are the simplest of the killies and should still have eggs under the conditions of flake food and a small aquarium, even as small as 3 gallons.
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    Any Mid Swimming Killifish?

    Sorry, golden panchax are top level swimmers. You may be able to have killies like gardneri. What else is in your aquarium? Otherwise blue gularis might not be a bad idea.
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    Any Mid Swimming Killifish?

    Butterfly fish usually won't harm killies. I have kept butterflies with golden panchax just fine (just make sure the killies are fully grown if you get panchax). If you do get some killies get some that are at least 2 inches.
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    Confused On Species Of Killifish

    For gardneri there are quite a few localities, or color variants. You'll find out when they get older. If they are gardneri then color should show at around 2 months, maybe more, maybe less depending on the amount of food and water changes. And gardneri get around 2 inches in length and are...
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    Killifish Additions

    Creg, you can have less than a 20 gallon for killies. I breed quite a few species of killies and can have them in a minimum of 5 gallons depending on the species. What did you have in mind?
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    Brine Shrimp

    I actually use a small brine shrimp net which is a very fine white net you can usually find in pet stores. It may not be a complete problem as I know quite a few breeders who squirt the shrimp in with the water and they have no problems since a little salt is usually fine with freshwater fish.
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    New World Cichlid Compatability?

    +1 for apistos or rams.
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    Apisto Id

    These were sold to my friend as iniradae which I know they are not. It looks like a caucatoides shape but the full grown adults don't have much color at all. Is it a poor quality caucatoides or something else? Sorry for quality.
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    What Fish Can I Keep In A 28L?

    Least killies (Heterandria Formosa) too.
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    Exact Name

    I think this guy looks more like Misaje. He has blue on his bottom fish but you can't see due to flash.