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    Anybody Watch Mexican Soccer?

    I was wondering if anybody watches Mexican Soccer? I know its not very common for Europeans but a favorite sport in the U.S and Of Course MEXICO! Why dont u think that mexican soccer is not taken very serious? :sad:
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    Betis Failed!

    Wow! Barcelona just took one big sweep over Betis yesterday! Ronaldihno really proved why he is one of the best soccer players in the world. Three goal by free kick and trust me helped on the rest with marvelous passing! What do u guys think are the chances of Barce making it to the Finals?
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    My Doxie!

    Heres my newest Doxie! Her name is MINI and shes 3 months old!
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    Dwarf & Pearl Gourami's

    Hello! Yes they could get along. But the territory thing might get to them. They will chase eachother once in a while to kick them out of there turf. But other then a few chases they should be OK! ;)
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    Venerable Old Age

    Hello! Hmmmm Very nice and respects to the 30yr old fishie. But I really dont think its a kissing gourami maybe its the Giant Gourami. Thos fish have to be the oldest known fish to stay alive for years. But to the keepers i give them a :clap: And as for the fish maybe did it look like this?
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    (sphaerichthys Vaillanti) Vailent Chocolate Gourami

    HOLA! Well a chocolate gourami is one of the hardiest gouramies out there but one of the most nicer specimens. The picture u put looks like the wild type because of thee mixes of colors heres one thats mostly domestic.
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    Can You Id This Fish?

    YUP! Its a severum alright! JUst watchout kinda worried on how his tail looks. He looks a little stressed but after a few hours and a good meal he shoul perk up! :lol:
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    HEY! Heres some pictures of a Pair of convicts at around 4 months old having a litter of babies! And heres the litter before they were born Also Known As EGGS! :hyper: That female was barely an inch long when she had her first spawn!
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    Feeding time for the bigger fish

    All i can say is :clap: Well done How big is the pleco in the first picture? Looks like he might be over a feet long. !
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    Swim Like An Eyptian....

    HEY! Wheres cleopatra? and king Tut? I really like ur set up its like a egyptian empire UNDERWATER! :hyper: Those caves are gonna make some bottom feeders really HAPPY! ;)
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    Since We're Showing Babies

    HEY! Nice size looking babies u got there. Can u show me a picture of the parents to imagine how there gonna turn up? It looks like they just had a big meal BBS! :hey:
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    Betta Breeding Necessities

    True! But what u should really be worrying about is mostly the food. I u get a betta fry to survive there first 6 weeks. They should turn up into nice juveniles :nod: . Microworms and Vinegar Eels are the best food for fry in there early week from week 1 to around week 3 then u start giving...
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    Dirty Fish Tank Need Help With Cleaning Ideas.

    HEY! Diluted bleach should work out but dont reccomend the blade thing too much. A bit of warning sometimes the glass of the tank might get scratched up and look a little ugly. But try hot water with a tootbrush or hair brush.
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    Horrible Worm Thing, Freaky!

    HEY! Leaches arent that bad all they do is suck blood. But I dont think the pirahnas will let themselves get bitten by it. Its true they need no mate to reproduce but takes a while. I say these might become pest in near future so its really what u do with them. I would in personal opinion kill...
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    November's Potm

    Looks like Grady got my vote! I really like Little Black Doggies! :look: