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    CFC, dearest of all my old-men-who-keep-scary-fishes-in-england friends!

    CFC, dearest of all my old-men-who-keep-scary-fishes-in-england friends!
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    Sorry mate, much as I'd like to help you there's not much I can say. It's either an infection, in which case the meds will resolve it. Or it's old age. Or it's some other factor that I'm really too out of touch in the business to remember. I hope someone else more knowledgeable than myself will...
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    Urgent Information: Soap

    I need to know everything as regards to the effects of soap in the aquarium, including symptoms in the fish and how to get rid of it. I did a major aquarium overhaul today and there appears to be some soap residue in the aquarium. The fish are fine, 4 hours on, but I've only just noticed a...
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    Comment On The New Newsletter

    My apologies for not responding to this thread earlier, I'm smack in the middle of the exams and I can only come online intermittently. Anyhow, I understand nitey4ever's point about there needing to be a stronger warning to make sure that any newbies reading it will understand it. I admit that...
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    Over 20,000 Members Now.

    Woohoo, 20k! P.T.
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    Guitar Strings Rust?

    I've changed the strings, Elixir strings this time. I really don't want to have to change strings every friggin 2 weeks. Not too pricey either, if they last as long as they're supposed to. P.T.
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    Vive O Portugal!

    Portugal is one team i really hate. They're a bunch of divers, especially that wimp Cristiano Ronaldo. I just hate portugal, with a passion. The only players in there i don't hate are probably Ricardo and Deco (and he isn't actually Portuguese either) P.T.
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    Guitar Strings Rust?

    The lower three strings have rusted again (the thinner ones). So based on the date i last changed the strings, that's slightly more than 2 weeks. Is this too quick? I've made absolutely sure that i cleaned the strings after every time i play it. P.T.
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    Dangerous Dog In My Street

    Holy crap, Tolak, that sounds scary. How'd they get out in the first place? P.T.
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    New Naruto Rp!

    I'm already there, i'm shadow on that board :D C'mon, we need more guys. Join up! P.T.
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    Describe Something That You Would Absolutely, Just Refuse To Eat.

    Where you from? And on the topic of eyeballs...ugh. Some people here consider eyeballs as a delicacy. Not me! P.T.
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    New Naruto Rp!

    Sounds pretty cool, i'm a naruto fan too. But i really have no idea what a RP is and i dont know how to do anything, lol. Elaborate, perhaps? P.T.
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    Perhaps A Change In The Sig Rules

    I'm probably breaking the sig rules too. And SirMinion, i love your avatar heading :D P.T.
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    Neon Tetra Upside Down!

    I've personally never saved a fish once it lost its ability to swim totally. I doubt anyone has either. Sorry, but the outlook is really poor. I might recommend euthenising it before it spreads the disease to others, for example if it dies and the others pick at it before you discard the...
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    Guppies Usually Hard To Keep?

    As mentioned, guppies were once the staple of the beginner's stocklist, but they have been so inbred that they are now weak and disease prone. I personally don't bother much for them any longer. That said, if the guppy died without any prior symptoms, in points to a shock of some sort, pH...