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    Fish/water Ratio Formula Might Be Ready For Beta Testing

    You are right NickAU. The whole idea of the inch per gallon "rule" was to help keep newbies from overstocking. It was never meant to be guidance for someone with a little experience who could actually judge the biological load of a tank. In your 20 +/- gallon tank I am thinking you are fully...
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    Is My Tank Too Warm For Vietnamese Cardinal Minnows?

    At 26ºC many fish are too warm. I keep goodeids that are known for not needing a tank heater in a typical home but some species of them do not do well without me using heavy air conditioning in the summer to keep the house cool. Needless to say I no longer try to keep those species.
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    What To Say

    Why not just suggest a larger aquarium without being nasty about it? There is no such thing, that I have heard of, as a goldfish that stays small so plenty of room is always a plus. If they are in a typical goldfish bowl why not suggest a 10 or a 20 gallon tank? That way the fish can grow a bit...
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    Freshwater Maintenance

    I need to ask, why are you removing the snails? I hope the only leaves you are removing are leaves that have detached from your plants. Do you have plants that are over grown so that you must trim them?
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    Fish/water Ratio Formula Might Be Ready For Beta Testing

    If you are going to use size, at least consider using body depth in it. An angel with a body length of say 1 1/2 inches is quite a large fish while a swordtail with the same body length is just a juvenile. The angel will require considerably more water per fish than the sword. The angel will...
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    New Tank Set Up(Already Done)

    Figure each apple snail / mystery snail you added as about like 2 fish. That population needs to get settled in and the filter adjusted to it before you add any fish at all.
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    Alternate Ways To Oxygenate A Tank?

    Good for surface skimming but the hard water deposits you have been describing will not be affected by surface skimming. What it comes down to with hard water is that the water's mineral content is high enough that any water left behind as the water level drops contains enough minerals that the...
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    Suggestions For My 50Cm Cube Tank

    I usually avoid any chemical treatments, including pH buffers. Have you looked at stocking things like neons, angels, rams, corydorus and such instead of changing your water parameters? These fish are not necessarily compatible with each other but may give you ideas on a direction to go with...
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    Suggestions For My 50Cm Cube Tank

    A stable pH is indeed more important than a "correct" pH. The crushed coral is a chemical water treatment that you are using. Reducing it will help your tank be more stable. If you actually do have low pH very soft water, why not work with it instead of trying to raise the pH? That is where the...
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    New Tank Set Up(Already Done)

    I think this is the third post I have sen from you on this subject. Have you got your water chemistry under control yet?
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    Thinking About ...

    So a big cold water change on Tuesday and you were surprised? If your Aeneas cats were well conditioned you got what you should have expected.
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    3 Gallon Quarantine?

    A sub-gravel filter relies on building the bacteria up in the substrate. It cannot be used with fine sand because that will not allow the free water flow that you need in your cycled substrate. If you toss that substrate you get to start your cycle on the tank from scratch. If I wanted plants in...
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    Guppies Are Staying Near Top Of Tank And Refuse To Go Deeper

    If ammonia and nitrites are staying at zero, it is time to back off the water changes a bit and see how you are doing. Otherwise you might be doing those huge water changes for years. If a 50% water change shows a bit of ammonia or nitrite showing up again, you are not quite there yet and need...
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    Suggestions For My 50Cm Cube Tank

    I think I would reduce the amount of material in your filter and let the pH drop closer to 7.0. You have very soft water so you will be looking for some of the "black water" fish from the Amazon as your main stocking. With the top area of your water already busy from the zebras, how about a nice...
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    The Nitrate Debate

    I never knew this was a question. I read my tap water and try to keep my nitrates from doubling that number. It gives me what I need to judge things because a doubling means I am starting to get my chemicals concentrated more than my plants can remove. I worry not at all about nitrates as such...