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    Nature Aquarium World Books, Worth It?

    Thankyou for your reply nmonks. Perhaps I am better off just getting the book for their (what I think as) amazing aquascape eye-candy. You are deffinately right in saying the aquariums are done more so for quick, short term motives. This is something im against in my marine aquarium keeping, so...
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    Nature Aquarium World Books, Worth It?

    Hey TFF, long time no post! Things are looking amazing here, and the people seem ALOT friendlier. Considering the last time I was active was 2008, lots of fresh faces, along with old ones (Steelhealr is still going.... :hyper: ) I have been contemplating a move to a couple of very large tanks...
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    is planing bigger and better fish tanks....

    is planing bigger and better fish tanks....
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    Eucalyptus Wood

    I was thinking about this today. I quite often see pieces of Eucalypt that Id love to store for that "future tank". Anyone know if I can start hording pieces of wood? :blink:
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    The Continuing Adventures Of Skifletch

    Awesome mate! :good: Looking mighty fine. Those fish colours are pretty spectacular!
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    Miagi's Marine Nano

    Thanks guys and girls! Na, sadly I cant take such good pictures... :blush: When I hosted a meeting at my place, a couple of my mates bought their expensive gear and took some photographs for me. :shifty: It pays to have rich friends when your a poor student... :hey: I now have a skimmer on...
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    Miagi's Marine Nano

    Wow, it has been a while since I have been on TFF, but a PM from KJ prompted me to come back, and thought I should update this thread! :good: I dont have a great camera, so when I hosted my local aquarium club (MASAOG) last month, a few budding photographers, including Rod Connock and Adam...
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    The Continuing Adventures Of Skifletch

    Haha, looking sweet Ski! Amazing colours in that tank! Now im not one for them, but I think even I would buy those Paly's, stunning!
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    'twas The Night Before Christmas

    Frank, I came just to read this awesome poem again. :good: Hope everything is well, I can see a few crazy threads kicking around! :lol: Here is another SW poem another forum member found on another board. Enjoy! ;) A Song For The Holidays By Gary Robinson, 12/22/98 Edited By Elizabeth M...
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    Id Help Please

    Mine do come out during the light phase, but there is definitely more during darkness. I use a red colored spirits glass and put my Camera phone in it (with the flash on of course! :P ). :good:
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    19 Gallon Nano Diary - New Corals And Fish Etc

    Did it come off when you moved the LR, or does it move now you replaced your powerhead? Ive seen a similar sponge, but that holds tighter to LR, and wont fly off if you took it out and washed the LR. If this stuff comes loose easily, id suggest getting a bucket, half filling it with tank water...
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    The Continuing Adventures Of Skifletch

    Dude, tough. My commiserations. Always devastating when you loose any fish. :(
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    Halide - 10k/14k

    The corals wont suffer, but its best for aesthetics from our point of view to have matching kelvins. Might wanna pick your favorite of the two and buy one more of the same brand (sometimes the Kelvin colour between brands can change). :good:
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    Hithchiker Encyclopedia?

    Probably the best one I know too drag. :good: Perhaps Melevs Reef could help too!
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    Id Help Please

    Yep, definitely a Stomatellid sp. snail. Its a beneficial herbivore, and your right idlefingers, go out at night and use a spotlight with red cellophane on it, this should reduce the stress on the other organisms within the tank when you go out raiding. You might be surprised to find more than...