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    Pets At Home

    Well my local P@H isn't that bad - Yeah the advise isnt great but they have good prices when it comes to food and equipment. I wouldnt buy fish from them however and always go to my local Maidenhead Aquatics to buy my fish and advise! there great!
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    i want another one too but am being good and waiting!!
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    Adding Plants To A Cycling Tank

    And how would you know if it was Algae and if so what type? My tank is green cloudy and someone mentioned it could be algae - someone else excess bacteria.....
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    Adding Plants To A Cycling Tank

    So what do you do if algae becomes a problem?
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    Baby Snails

    So...... My son found our first baby snail in my tank this weekend when doing the water change........ 1 hour later we think he was eaten..... How do we stop this from happening? How do snails have babies? The snails we have are Zebra snails. Thanks
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    Yeah, see i could one at some point but i would rather not. I may hold out then on getting another. I only have the one tank for now do you think i should get another Quarantine/Hospital tank? Where would i put it! lol
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    Hi, Thanks for this. No plans on adding any other fish for at least another 2-3 weeks. The filter that we had was broken so are now waiting to get the all clear on that as i am guessing the tank is going to go through some kind of cycle again! Just looking at what we can get and what would go...
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    My Tank Pictures..

    Ok So newbie over here..... How do you clean the sand. I was advised to get gravel as it doesnt get sucked up in the gravel cleaner but i like the look of the sand!.....
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    Thank you all for your help! What had actually happened is that the filter had a problem and kept cutting out and then completely died! So back to our LFS it was to replace it. Fingers crossed it wont happen again but i am now tempted to buy a spare is this a good idea?!
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    Yes, they do look like that! And going by my ruler at my desk the tank is at least 15". Are there any types of angels that dont get really big? Any other ideas?
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    Ok so no to that one then...... I am afriad not..... kinda liek a plec thing, looks kinda like this
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    Job Interview!

    Good Luck!!
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    Annoying Words

    I agree with her! lol
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    Whats Your Occupation ?

    Now then ..... Where do i start..... Job no 1 - Accounts Supervisor Job no 2 - Bookkeeper Job no 3 - Bar Staff And the most important (and the un-paid job) Mummy!
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    Annoying Words

    I hate it when my son (in the little whinny voice) goes muuuuuuuuuuuummmm!