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    For Sale : Mantis Shrimp

    Is the shrimp still available? I am desperate for one. Cheers
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    My Wolves

    Some updates. aimara has put on some size.
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    My Characin Tank

    There is a couple of others in there, Channa Diplogramma and C. Fowleri cat hiding in the pipe. Hoplias curupira. about 15" Hydrocynus Vittatus, VATF, about 15" - 16" Brycon hilari 8" Brycon melanopterus 8" Hope you enjoy.
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    Pond Build For A Snakehead

    Garage is the best Idea. I have converted mine into a fish house. On the diet front I would say mice are a no no. Lots of fish in fact most of them are not properly equipt to digest red meats the fats aren't very good for them. Your best bet is to go down to Morrison (I say Morrisons as I find...
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    My Wolves

    Thanks Nelly. I have now run out of space though, so no more large fish, maybe some shoaling brycon in my 8', I am looking for small projects now. Back to trying to breed some of the smaller snakeheads, you still have me on that one. I saw his curupira (Black) before he picked it up, it came in...
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    My Wolves

    No problem at all. I have a powerhead in there at the moment but intend to by a marine type flow pump of greater power to really give something to swim against. Thanks. Yes ery ery is a great fish and very outgoing. You should get one. They would work with poly's.
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    My Wolves

    Thanks. Yes there are variations in eventual size and compatability with others. The Erythrinus species are small at 8" -10" and can be kept with other fish as long as they are too large to eat and not another Erythrynus. I suspect it would be possible in a very large tank. I have this one in a...
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    My Wolves

    Thanks. There is something about them, along with Snakeheads of course ;).
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    My Wolves

    These are becoming my favourite group of fish now and the collection is growing. First Erythrinus sp. Peru, 8" Hoplias curupira 'Brazil' Hoplias curupira 'Venezuala' Hoplias intermedius, up until recent revition of the group used to be sold as lacerdae 'sao francisco'...
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    Parachanna Obscura?

    I think it was me that suggested it would be a problem. The issue is not nessasarily the snakehead. The Cichlid will undoubtedly display some territorial behavour and the Channa will fight back. I had a 16" obscura and tried keeping it with a 12" Jaguar. They were always at it. Neither died but...
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    Channa Panaw Info

    Panaw are sit and wait predators an also subtropical. I would leave it in the 2' by itself and let it cool a little bit. You will get much more from it like this rather than permenatly hiding from the terror. I have four of these. From the investigation I have found that they are subtropical...
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    Will My Rainbow Snakhead Eat My Fish?

    Bleheri are not out and out killers and there natural diet is typically inverts i.e. insects shrimps and worms. They are generally not quick enough to capture fast active fish and usually don't bother. At 1" your upside down cat is very small and could posibly be a meal. Your Fighter might get...
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    Have Fun Stocking A 270 Gallon For Me

    I have a lot of snakeheads, including a Barca, Yes they are that expensive. however I am going to suggest something different. I have a 6' i am in the process of stocking as a south American setup. I have two Hydrolycus Tatauaia and a number of dollars as dithers. I am looking for a couple more...
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    Post You Snake Head's

    I haven't read any of the text to this thread, How do I add pics here?
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    Thiaminase Article

    Thanks Neale. I am considering the mussels have been cooked a little more from the supermarket and are actually cheaper than the pet fish shops. Along with the use of Vitamin supplients like Vitazin or inserting manufactured pellets within the mussel will probably be the better way of feeding...