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    Unknown Fish

    a video is near inpossible there in a 5 acre lake and they stay near the bottom there slim and long fish nothing like a carp there dark red and when outta water there brigh red any thing i can type into google to see if its it ?
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    Unknown Fish

    i dont speak to them anymore and ive had the fish for about 10 years it dosent look anything like a carp
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    Unknown Fish

    nope not crucian carp i go fishing and never seen anything like them there dark red in colour when out of water bright red there quite long fin fish no barbels
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    Unknown Fish

    getting a picture of this fish would be near inpossible its in my lake a person gave them to me i have 2 of them there dark red in colour about there about 8 inches -10 inch there not goldfish,koi,tench,orfe,rudd,carp not aclue what they are any ideas? i know its hard with no pic but my...
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    My New Seashell 60X18X24 Wdh

    love the severums :)
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    New Cory Fry Tank On The Way

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    New Cory Fry Tank On The Way

    more pics ! :)
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    Plant Donations

    does anyone have any plants they dont want ? i dont even have paypal lol :)
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    A Few Pictures.

    more piccies
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    lovely vid that place must be a protected area
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    Cory Help

    bump whats the sign for then tizeeer
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    Few Shots To Share

    have u got a pic of one with colouration?
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    Cory Help

    i turned the heater down to 26 and the digital stat reads 28c and the water haas gone cloudy and the fish are huddled up around the heater ?? so bronze and pepperd would not even live in 28?
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    Cory Help

    would this be ok with my stocking?